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A tweet-tweet here and a tweet-tweet there! The magic of 160 characters has infected millions around the globe who are expressing their views through this famous micro-blogging website.

Its often seen topics trending faster on twitter than even on the news channels. Several twitterati and brands are connecting with the globe through topics of interests and hash tags.

Twitter has its own niche audience that’s ever growing now.  Twitter has seen this as an opportunity and released a new feature of twitter alerts that brings its users a step closer in receiving important notifications from credible resources.

Signing up to receive an accounts Twitter alert will deliver notifications to you via SMS or a push notification in case you are a smartphone user. Twitter alerts are also displayed as Tweets on your news feed indicated through an orange bell.

So how does this help us?

Lets say crisis management department in your city has a twitter profile to which you have subscribed. In-case of any miss happening or a critical crises alert the crisis management dept. sends off a quick twitter alert which can avoid a larger damage.

This can be same in case of NGOs, blood banks, Police departments and organizations that are working in critical environments.

Initially only a few countries were part of this beta experiment and as twitter continues to expand and include more countries in this interesting test, more and more organizations have stepped to be part of it.

As of now more than 8 countries and 100+ govt. and non profits have joined this league to help protect the interest of people.

The best part about this program is that Twitter scrutinizes the participating organizations and countries and does not let unnecessary accounts opt into twitter alerts to avoid spamming of accounts.

Twitter Alerts bear its roots to the Lifeline project in Japan and today it sits on top of the many experiments that are making an effort to help avert disasters and protect the interest of public at large.


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