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Twitter Improves The Way To Log In To TweetDeck

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TweetDeck-logoGood news for all the social media users who rely heavily on blogging, especially micro-blogging as a way to stay connected with their social circle. The profoundly used micro-blogging website, Twitter has improved the way to login to into the TweetDeck.

The profoundly used micro-blogging website, Twitter which is used worldwide has got millions of users who readily use it. Also, Twitter has got its social media dashboard allows to have a better interface with the users. Just like any other Twitter application, TweetDeck interfaces with the Twitter API thus allowing the users to send and receive the tweets and view the user profiles as well.

Recently, the new feature introduced by Twitter will act in favour of the users to a great extent. The new login feature which is termed as ‘Teams’ readily allows any user who is currently managing the account will identify others as well as contributors or as administrators. This new feature which has been rolled out in 17th February will be available on TweetDeck for Web, Chrome and Windows.

The login feature has been revised thus giving all the users a safer way to handle their shared access account without having to compromise the login. TweetDeck Teams is an extremely simplified solution to Twitter account sharing. This interesting feature will allow you as a user to delegate the access to as many people as you wish to. Not only this, it will also enable the users to remove the accounts when they do not need any access to them. However, if you wish to access the new feature, you should login to TweetDeck with your Twitter account. So, if you are still using the regular access through TweetDeck account, it’s time to switch over now!

Enumerated below are the steps to get started with this new feature:

  • Select the team, for instance: @MyDigitalVidya
  • After this, type the name of the account(s) that you want to access to @MyDigitalVidya
  • Select Authorize and an email will be sent to the account. (For this example, let’s say the user being authorized is @pradeepchopra). Pradeep will need to Accept the invitation in TweetDeck to contribute. The email address associated with @MyDigitalVidya will receive an email that @pradeepchopra has been added to the team.

Interestingly, both administrators and contributors can tweet from the account and follow and un-follow others, but only administrators can add or remove team members and view the team. Here is a short video which will help you to understand how to how to get started with the new login feature Teams:

This initiative is primarily been taken into consideration after having seen that some of the high profile Twitter accounts for instance those belonging to Newsweek magazine and the U.S. military’s Central Command that have been hacked in the recent months. Moreover, shared passwords are an obvious weak-point for all the social media accounts operating at the corporate level. This is so because it increases the likelihood of unauthorized access.

Image Credit: thenextnetwork

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