Twitter Influencers Created Buzz For The New Hatchback #GetSetBolt

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With an upsurge of social media, connected devices and disruptive technology, the marketer today is talking to an ever-evolving digital-social-mobile consumer. Digital is the medium that this ‘on-the-move’ generation prefers to use, not just to stay in touch with their near and dear ones but also to stay updated with the developments in the world. A smartphone and an Internet connection have become an almost basic necessity for most and customers is only a cell-phone away and TATA leveraged it fully for creating hype ahead of its new car launch.

Since TATA ‘s Bolt which costs around 4.44 lakh, had been targeted at young people, investing in a digital campaign made sense. The campaign consisted of a digital reality show in which four Twitter Influencers(who have the power to affect purchase decision of others) – Abhishek Asthana (@GabbbarSingh), Apoorv Sood (@Trendulkar), Rahul Nanda (@RahulNanda86) and Ashwin Mushran (@AshwinMushran) are put in a glass cubicle and have to win the symbolic Bolt key by generating maximum buzz among their followers. Dual tags were used for the campaign,to show support for Abhishek by tweet #GetSetBolt #TeamGabbar, for Apoorv tweet #GetSetBolt #TeamTrendulkar, for Rahul tweet #GetSetBolt #Team Rahul and for Ashwin tweet #GetSetBolt #TeamAshwin. Special prizes were given to top followers.The audience across Twitter, Facebook and other social media pages followed their progress through a series of videos, updates from the Bolt brand page and the influencer’s Twitter handle. The most popular influencer who manages to generate maximum buzz through their followers will be able to snatch away the Bolt key and will be a proud owner of the most dynamic hatchback. All of this was being done one day before the launch of Bolt.


Target Segment

The new hatchback, Bolt is a premium offering in the A2 segment and is also targeted at the upwardly mobile 25-28 year olds. There target segment is full of energy and optimism, ready to charge ahead and take control which should reflect. TATA claims Bolt is meant for the young, who are driven, confident, conscious of their responsibilities on one hand and yet risk takers on the other, They are willing to sweat it out to make it into the big league. These customers are highly discerning, giving equal weight-age to a car’s performance, functionality and style quotient.So, when the target audience is youth, how could one stay away from Digital, a platform that they are completely hooked to.

group of people


The objective of the campaign was to create a buzz on twitter and trend #GetSetBolt. The influencers had around 4 lakh followers in total on twitter and their tweets could achieve multifold impressions on social media and create brand awareness among youth and also engage with them. To recruit new buyers (especially the youth) for the new car and maintaining the rapport of Tata Motors in the market was also one of the primary objectives.

USP Of The Campaign

After  case study analysis of the social media campaign #GetSetBolt, the key points which we felt worked very well for the campaign are:

  • The prime podium levied for connecting with people and discussions was decided to be Twitter. This allowed the campaign to achieve maximum outreach with the influencers and their followers.
  • With this unique and exciting digital reality show format, Tata Bolt created the struck a chord amongst the relevant target segment – the digitally active millennials looking out for a decent hatchback.
  • A brand new Tata Bolt as the grand prize was given to the winners and gift hampers to his supporters convinced and attracted the influencers and their supporters to participate and spread the word for the new Tata Bolt.


The results of the #GetSetBolt social media campaign were:

  • Twitter influencers created buzz for the new hatchback #GetSetBolt and The hashtag #GetSetBolt trended on Twitter for quite some time at the day of the campaign.
  • More than 1500+ mentions were received on the day of the campaign.
  • Tata Motors received an over-whelming response on the launch of the Tata Bolt.
  • By doing this campaign Tata Motors were able to break their image of a company that makes “Taxi” cars.

The campaign has been conceived and executed by DigitasLBi India. Amaresh Godbole, head, agency & strategy, DigitasLBi, says, “The challenge was making sure we chose influencers who along with their following map well against the car’s target demographic, and reflect the brands youthful, vibrant personality. Moreover, we wanted to create drama via storytelling leading to excitement about the launch, and hence the choice of the reality show like format.”

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