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Twitter launces Jelly

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Jelly was founded in April 2013 by Ben Finkel and Biz Stone. It is a new search application. Using Jelly is like using a conventional search engine in which when someone ask some stuff it gives his answers. Jelly actually changes the way of answers because it uses pictures and people in social networks. Basically it uses social networks to deliver results.

It is inspired by a jellyfish because it has loose network of nerves which act as brain that is similar to the way it envisions loosely distributed network of people coordinating through Jelly to help each other.

The jelly user submits a question on the Jelly app, and this is sent through user’s social networks. Users can also forward their questions, opening Jelly up to someone’s entire social network. In addition to this jelly even allow users to take pictures and ask them for help to identify the picture. It even allows cropping, zooming, reframing and drawing on the image to make the question more specific.

For example if someone is walking along and he spots something unusual. If he want to know about it he can launch Jelly, take a picture, circle it with his finger, and type, “what’s this?” this query is submitted to people in his network who also have Jelly. Jelly would notify him when he have answers.

Thus Jelly is a new way to search based around knowledge. It makes helping people easy and fun. One can help others and even can ask for help through Jelly.

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