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Twitter introduces keyword targeting for advertisements

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Twitter, yesterday took the latest step in its bid to build up its advertising business. It bolstered its ad proposition with the launch of keyword targeting in timelines that help advertisers to target users based on intent. This launch simply means that advertisers can now reach users based on the keywords that they use in their tweets and also with which of those tweets people have got engaged.

The best part about keyword targeting in Twitter is that marketers will now be able to reach users based on the signals of intent, reaching them at the right moment with contextually relevant advertisements. For example, if someone tweets about enjoying music of their favorite band’s latest album and if the band is also performing at a local venue, so that venue can run as a geotargeted campaign by using keywords associated with that band with a tweet containing a link to buy the tickets of that concert.

The person that originally tweeted this message will now be able to see a promoted tweet in their timeline, which gives them details of the concert and also about the availability of tickets.

However, Twitter also said that this launch will not result in any increase of advertisements in user’s timelines. User’s will not really see any kind of change in their use of twitter as ads won’t be shown frequently on the timeline and users can still dismiss the promoted tweets, which they do not find to be relevant.

In fact, twitter believes that with the introduction of this feature, user’s experience with advertisements will significantly improve as now they would be seeing more relevant promoted tweets. To test the appropriateness of this new feature, Twitter tested it with Microsoft Japan, Everything Everywhere and also camera brand GoPro. This test included running four marketing campaigns by using keyword targeting in timeline, for which it claims generated nearly two million impressions and recorded 11 per cent engagement rates with tweets using this new feature.

Kevin Well, who is the senior director of product for revenue at Twitter, said that he expects a significant number of UK brands to start using this new product and that too within the next few hours of launch.

This new keyword targeting tool will be available both through the Twitter Ads Dashboard and through Twitter Ads API.


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