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Twitter launches “Lead Generation Card”

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Twitter on Wednesday launched its new lead generation card in an effort to make it easier for the users to show interest in promoted discounts from some of their favorite brands.

According to Twitter Revenue Product Manager Mitali Pattnaik, “This lead generation card makes it quite easy for the users to express interest in what your brand offers. Users can securely share their email addresses with a business without leaving Twitter or having to fill a cumbersome form.” The time anyone expand your tweets, they can view the description of the offer along with an option to sign up with your Twitter handle. Their name, @username and email address would be pre-filled within the card and when the users clicks the button, all the information would directly and securely be sent to you.

Twitter’s new lead generation card has been tried and tested with a handful of brands, which includes New Relic and Priceline. A positive feedback has been received about its capability to drive deeper connections with customers. Additionally, most of the beta participants found that the streamlined nature of this Lead Generation Card was instrumental in driving low cost per lead as compared to various other technologies in their marketing suite.

If you are wondering about the investment in this service, this Lead Generation Card is only available as a feature in promoted tweets, which is a paid feature of Twitter Advertisements.

What Marketers should know?

Apart from offering an awesome new way to collect leads, this new feature has a few implications for the marketers:

1.       In-app conversions could increase conversion rates:

With every click that they have to make, more and more users drop out of the conversion process. By making it easier for the users to hit submit on the form, many more people would also be coming on the top of the marketing funnel. There are chances that these leads might not be of the same quality as those who fill out those longer lead generation forms, but overall you will be getting more leads in the door. The in-app conversion allows your content and your ad dollars to work harder for you.

2.       Visuals are more important than ever:

We all are aware of the fact that visual content is essential for your success in Social Media. The Lead Generation Card gives you 240 characters along with an image that helps in easy conversion. Additionally, if you are not making the most of your lead generation cards, the larger conversion rates about which we spoke earlier won’t happen.

3.       Make these leads count with sweet lead nurturing campaigns:

These cards won’t capture much information and only provide you with name, email and twitter handle. Qualifying a person as lead through this information is not possible and if you want to ensure that your Twitter Ads efforts are really paying off, you will have to start a lead nurturing campaign to get more information from your leads and work them down your marketing funnel.


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