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How to Use Twitter for Business and Marketing: Best Twitter Marketing Tools

Twitter Marketing

“Twitter is a discovery platform. News first breaks on Twitter. If you want to know what’s happening across the world, you come to Twitter.”

  • Taranjeet Singh, Director – India Operations, Twitter (Source: Economic Times)

This statement from the newly appointed, rather elevated, Director of Twitter’s India Operations sums up the power, differentiation and brand positioning for Twitter as a Social Media platform for its users.

This positioning is noteworthy because here is a brand taking user perception into account to define its brand positioning, not the other way round. It also emphasizes on the fact that the top management at Twitter is in sync with how it’s user use the platform, which is a very crucial element in the war of brands.

Twitter is the balancing force in the universe of Social Media ruled by Facebook. No matter what the grapevine says, Twitter is the only platform that has stood challenging the dominance of Facebook.

Sure, it’s growth across the world has been dwindling lately, and it’s due for a major uplift to be in sync with rapidly changing times and Social Media landscape. Yet, Twitter’s dominance as the leading Social Media platforms for debates, opinion sharing and Social Media discussions is still uncontested.

What is also interesting to note about Twitter’s business growth is that fact that India as a market is writing this phase of growth story for Twitter while it’s growth has been dwindling across the developed market.

While US still remains the most important market for Twitter in terms of Advertising revenues, India takes the Lion’s share when it comes to user growth.

“In our quarter 1 earnings for 2017, our international revenue totaled $208 million, which is a 2 percent year-on-year increase. India became the number one fastest growing market for us in terms of daily active users. India almost grew 5x as a market than the global average.

It is the number one fastest growing market from an audience perspective.”

  • Taranjeet Singh, Director – India Operations, Twitter (Source: Economic Times)

These are undoubtedly exciting times to be an expert in Twitter Marketing from a career perspective. Twitter as a marketing channel is still taking baby steps and it has a long way to even come close to US when it comes to Advertising revenue share. That’s where both the challenge and opportunity lies for Digital Marketers in India.

Any marketer who has experimented with Twitter as a marketing platform for running campaigns – be it organic or paid- agrees that Twitter needs to customize it’s offering as a potent marketing tool for Indian as a market. What has worked in developed countries is not what’s gonna work in a diverse, dynamic and growing market like India.

Making Twitter Marketing work in India comes with a whole set of new challenges altogether, and would come with a whole lot of learning for Digital Marketers. This article is written with a clear objective of helping with Twitter Marketing by introducing you to some of the best Twitter Marketing tools to add to your A-team of Digital Marketing tools.

Let’s get started with the Best Twitter Marketing Tools …

Disclaimer: This is a list of Twitter Marketing tools I’ve found useful by both personal experience and also by recommendations of some of the best professionals that I know of. There is a huge number of tools available out there and you might find something else more useful depending on what you’re looking for. “Best” is loosely used subjective term here and it’s neither a ranking list nor a promotional list for any of the tools.

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Best Twitter Marketing Tools for Digital Marketers

1.) HootSuite

Let’s start with the best-in-class. HootSuite is arguable the most popular and best Social Media Marketing tool available out there. With its arsenal of features available for managing your Twitter account, this is the one tool that is a lifesaver for sure.

Usage: Freemium

  • Free to use for managing up to three Social Media accounts on different platforms
  • Paid plans for Pro and Enterprise users available at a very affordable ratestwitter marketing

Image: HootSuite

Key Benefits and Features of HootSuite 

  • Manage Twitter accounts

You can use HootSuite Dashboard to completely manage your Twitter account avoiding the hassle of separate logins and managing multiple dashboards. You can check your live feed, your mentions, get notifications when a relevant action takes place, like, comment or retweet. Everything that you would need to do to manage your Twitter account can be done from this single dashboard, isn’t that cool?

  • Save Tweets as templates for future use

You can plan ahead, draft your tweets and save them as templates for future use. This would save you hours of work and would help you plan your Twitter activities and posting in an effective and efficient manner.

  • Attach files and videos

If you use Twitter for tweeting or DMs, you could attach only images. No other files can be attached apart from images. But using HootSuite, you can attach different formats of files including images, videos or even PDFs.

  • Scheduling

This features tackles the biggest nuisance of Social Media Marketing Management – scheduling your post publication. HootSuite makes it super easy. You can post a Tweet instantly, you can schedule it for a specific time or you can even leave it to HootSuite’s automated scheduling that would post the Tweet at an optimized time. Now that’s a real life saver, isn’t it?

  • Twitter Advanced Search

Finding relevant and trending topics on Twitter is cumbersome especially when you need to do it over and over again. HootSuite’s dashboard makes it very easy. It also sends you notifications when your Tweets or account is being engaged by someone.

  • Very easy to use

This is the biggest power of HootSuite and probably the key behind its popularity. Some people find it actually easier than learning to use Twitter in its full glory. Once you start using HootSuite, there’s no going back.

  • Analytics

HootSuite provides basic yet useful analytics to Free users and quite detailed analytics to the pro or enterprise users. The reporting is presented in easy-to-use formats along with action-able and useful insights and tips.

HootSuite is one tool, digital marketers can’t afford to miss.

2.) FollowerWonk

Usage: Freemium

  • Free to use for basic features to grow your Twitter account and Account Cleanup functionalities
  • Paid plans for Pro and Business users available at a very affordable rates
  • One of the most versatile and under-utilized Twitter specific Social Media tools from your very own, Moztwitter marketing

Image : FollowerWonk by Moz

Key Benefits and Features of FollowerWonk

  • Find right influencers for your business

Since you’re a budding Digital Marketer, you know the importance of finding right influencers for your business. FollowerWonk makes it not only possible but also quite easy. Right and powerful influencers can give you the much needed development boost.

  • Easy and useful search for relevant Twitter accounts

FollowerWonk provides you with multiple easy ways to search relevant Twitter accounts for your business. E.g. You want to find out Food Bloggers for your restaurant business. You can run a bio search for people who create and share content related to food and find those accounts to follow or engage with.

  • Deep profiling of your Twitter followers

A deep understanding of your audience is what forms the core of all kinds of marketing. It’s applicable whether you have a few followers or thousands. It becomes increasingly complicated as number of your followers grow.

FollowerWonk’s Analytics comes handy when you want to breakout your followers by their bio, their active times, their time zones, what and who they follow and their interests etc.

There are quite a lot of useful features within FollowerWonk. If you’re serious about making Twitter a powerful and strategic Social Media tool in your Digital Marketing arsenal, FollowerWonk is definitely worth trying out.

3.) ManageFlitter 

Usage: Freemium

  • Free to use for basic features to grow your Twitter account and Account Cleanup functionalities
  • Paid plans for Pro and Business users available at a very affordable rates

twitter marketing Image : ManageFlitter

Key Benefits and Features of ManageFlitter 

  • Complete Twitter Management

ManageFlitter is a complete Twitter Management tool packed with powerful features to get the best out of your Twitter account. Unlike most of the Social Media tools that are designed for handling various platforms, this focuses on getting the best out of your Twitter account.

  • Account Cleanup and Buildup

ManageFlitter helps you identify inactive, useless, spam accounts so that you can unfollow those and make your profile appear more professional and your feed useful.

At the same time, it also helps you identify the influential accounts related to your business so that you can follow powerful accounts, reach out to those who matter in your line of business.

  • Advanced Search

ManageFlitter’s Advanced Search functionality is even better than Twitter’s own Advanced Search. It’s not possible to search people taking action for a particular website using Twitter search but it can be done using ManageFlitter. Find out who is interested in and engaging with your competition websites and reach out to that relevant audience. This is just an example, you can do much more. We leave the digging to you.

  • Power Post

Not all of your Twitter followers are the same. They don’t share the same interests, they don’t engage in same dialogues, they don’t live in same geographies and they’re also not active at the same time.

Just blasting bulk tweets without taking any kind of targeting into consideration is not going to take your Twitter strategy anywhere, you probably already understand that.

How about being able to post according to whom are you targeting? Post at right times when your audience is most active and engaging and post right material to the relevant audience. These are the small things that infuse magic into your Social Media game. And btw, you can do all of this using ManageFlitter. Oh yeah!

ManageFlitter also boasts of its famous and useful feature of RSS feeds to post (a must have for bloggers out there), and of course the powerful and easy-to-use Analytics Reporting.

4.) CommunIT

Usage: Free Trial + Paid

  • Free trial to get the feel of the tool and needs to be upgraded to paid plans for continued usage
  • Paid plans for Pro and Business users available at a very affordable ratestwitter marketing

Image: CommunIT for Community Management

Key Benefits and Features of CommunIT

  • Manage and Grow your Twitter Relationship Sphere

CommunIT is primarily a Social Media Relationship Management or better known as Social Media Community Management tool (hence the name). It’s not exclusively a Twitter tool, it also works with Instagram and Facebook. Hence it covers the three biggies of Social Media game, which makes it a go to choice for managing and growing your Social Media Relationships.

  • Influencer Engagement

CommunIT, being a Community Management tool, makes it easier to engage with your existing Twitter influencers. You can see who actually engages with and takes action on your activities on Twitter. These are the people you should actually consider building relationships with.

  • Manage Multiple Twitter Profiles

With CommunIT, you can manage your multiple Twitter profiles from a single dashboard and remove the unnecessary hassle.

  • Manage your Follow/ UnFollow

You can easily find out your inactive and disinterested follows as against the active and engaged ones. Gradually you could unfollow the ones that don’t add any value to your community and follow back the ones who are actively engaged and you might not have added them to your community as yet.

  • Send a Thank You Note to New Followers

Community building is all about meaningful conversations. You can customize and automate a personal Thank You note which gets sent out every time someone follows you. That’s how you start your relationship on a good note.

If a good community on Twitter is what works for your brand than CommunIT is going to be your tool to do that, of course if it’s not already.


Usage: Freemium

  • Free to use with basic features for your personal Twitter account
  • Paid Pro Plan is available at a very affordable rates with full features

twitter marketing Image : for Content Curation

Key Benefits and Features of 

  • Next Level of Content Curation is different from rest of the tools mentioned so far in this article. It is an ubercool content curation tool which takes your Twitter Account Management to the next level. lets you collect and select tweets relevant to your business and curate those in a newspaper style-format that can be automatically scheduled for regular sharing on your Twitter account. This is an awesome way to collect the top relevant tweets from your followers, people talking over a specific hashtag or accounts on a specific Twitter list.

  • Automatic Delivery of Curated Content

Using, you can automate the delivery over multiple platforms and hence repurpose the curated content to reach out to your followers via many channels like Social Networks, Web Newspaper, Your official Website or Blog and even as an Email newsletter of daily updates.

  • Seamless Integration

Though, it is primarily a Twitter tool, is loved for its seamless integration across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Wix, Google Analytics and MailChimp.

Getting mentioned on the of a top user can drive tons of quality data to you and at the same time, you can create, curate and share really useful data with your community of engaged user and keep the conversation going.


Which tools have you found useful for Twitter Marketing?

Hopefully, this post has given the much-needed details about various twitter marketing tools. In case you want to know how to use Twitter as a marketing tool, create a powerful twitter marketing strategy and wish to master Twitter Marketing- Social Media Marketing Course would be the best fit for you.

Let us know your favorite tools and we might make a list of all your favourite Twitter tools and publish in a new post.

Ritu Jhajharia
About the Author Ritu Jhajharia Founder – Rolling Circle Pvt Ltd | Communications Consultant | Aspiring Writer Ritu has dabbled into various roles across functions in marketing, brand management, communication, public relations, content management, consulting, technology & entrepreneurship for over a decade. She is currently working as a full-time entrepreneur heading her venture Rolling Circle Pvt Ltd, an Integrated Marketing Communications firm. She likes to help growing start-ups with marketing strategy and thought leadership via content. She likes to write on various topics, is a successful blogger and is an avid traveler.

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