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Twitter now allows direct messages from all followers!

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Anyone that uses Twitter to communicate frequently either publicly or privately may find this new update from Twitter extremely useful. This social networking giant now allows you to receive direct messages from any of your followers despite whether you are following them or not.

This new feature simply reduces the hassle of receiving @replies that ask you to follow back so that someone can directly message you any kind of information or message of questionable value. However, you would be able to receive direct messages from any follower only if you check the box seen in Twitter’s account main setting page.

Previously direct messaging was limited to people who are being followed by a person that they are following. However, that barrier is apparently crumbling for some Twitter entities.

An interesting fact about this buzz is that there has not been any official confirmation of the news from Twitter with the feature appearing with little fanfare and seemingly only for certain accounts so far. However, Twitter also understands that enabling this option for the users can potentially signifies open season on your Twitter inbox and therefore this is one of the reasons that this option is off by default.

At the same time if dealing with a potential influx of spam is worth opening a new channel of communication for you, then this is indeed a welcome change.

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