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Twitter Silently Kills Its Website Analytics Tool, Compelling Site Owners To Use Cards

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Sometime in last year, micro-blogging website, Twitter had come up with its very own website analytics tool. As the name suggest, the website analytics tool allows website owners to keep a track of all the links pertaining to their websites and also how many users clicked on those links.

Website analytics or web analytics as it is profoundly known as is primarily meant for the website owners to view, keep track over a considerable period of time and then review the performance of web pages as well as the landing pages of that particular website. After that accordingly, the strategy can be altered if required so as to witness more and more traffic on the website.

As mentioned above, Twitter launched a new analytics tool that enabled the website users to not only the tweeted links but also the click through’s as well. Interestingly, this micro-blogging social media platform did not publicly announce this new feature that it made available on their analytics dashboard. This new section that readily allowed the brands and advertisers to keep a track of the links tweeted to their website and how many users clicked on them, is suddenly not available on their analytics dashboard anymore.

Old Twitter Website Analytics Tool

Old Twitter Website Analytics Tool

It eventually came across that the featured tool was recently dropped off the site without any hype. This came across when it was figured out that Twitter’s website analytics tool which was originally appearing under the analytics option in its ad product did not appear any-longer.

As far as the sources have confirmed, it has come across that this micro-blogging website did not make any public announcement of withdrawing this website analytics tool, similar to the fact that it did not many formal announcement of its introduction. The matter of fact is that all the brands and advertisers who wish to know abouttwitter-cards the analytics of their respective websites’ popular content can still do the same; however, it will have to be done through integration of Twitter Cards. Yes, it is feasible but the users viz. brands or advertisers need to set-up Twitter Cards integration for the respective website and then apply for the approval. Contrary to this, the previous implementation needed a piece of code to be added to the website’s homepage.

Twitter now has an altogether new alternative option for all those who have integrated Twitter Cards. On Twitter’s analytics website, the card analytics option now tracks much of the information formerly shown in the above dashboard.

Cards analytics does not give the same information as the old tool did. The new tool does not show the number of favourites and replies for other people’s tweets, but you can view re-tweets and impressions as can be depicted in the image below.


It seems the withdrawal of website analytics is part of a drive to push the use of cards, which among other things can enable rich previews of content.

Images Source: TheNextWeb, JustUnfollow

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      nice post and Cheers

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      Aparna   /   Reply

      Twitter is considered to be the jewel of social networking sites. The features are very user friendly. There are various analytical tools available to measure the performance. Twitter Card has its own advantages or disadvantages which will be realized over a period of time.

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