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How to Use Twitter Video for Promoting Online Businesses

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With around 330M monthly active users, Twitter is one of the most powerful Social Media Platforms- And the most impactful and easiest way of using its power is Twitter Video.

If you want to make your marketing campaign be compelling, shareable and all-over, Twitter Video is for sure going to offer you the real results.

Do you know videos play automatically on Twitter?

Yes, it is!

And that is why; utilizing them in your Twitter Marketing Campaign will empower you to snap the attention of your prospects right away.

In this post, we will be taking a closer look at them- And understand how to use them for promoting e-businesses.

So, without any more ado, let us start with the understanding of the role of Twitter video-

Role of Twitter Video

We all know that Videos can easily connect with the audiences and can educate, engage, and convert them to get the favorable outcomes.

In one of our posts, we have discussed the benefits of Video Marketing, and you can appreciate all those upsides in Twitter Marketing as well- and here, the key is Twitter Video.

As per Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing 2017 report, around 80% of customers presently lean toward video to find out about an item. In addition, around 84 percent of them prefer doing the favorable actions as well.

Twitter videos will likewise do all this to empower your business and widen its reach.

Around 93% Twitter Video Views come from Smartphones that can enable your business to reach into the palm and pockets of your prospects.

You have different alternatives when it comes to Twitter Video such as Promoted Twitter Video that can be highly useful in widening your business reach and boosting the profits.

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Next thing that you need to know here is different types of Twitter Video for you-

Types of Twitter Video

Three different types of Twitter Videos are-

Native video

Twitter Video

Native Twitter Video Ad- Source-Twitter

  • In this video tweet, you just record and upload your video content.
  • You can simply grab your smartphone and start making your video in the Twitter App.
  • You should try to use different video lengths to find out the right video length for your Twitter campaign.

Live video with Periscope

Twitter Video

Live Twitter Video Source- WUNC

  • This kind of video tweet is posted by using an in-app extension of Twitter, named as Periscope
  • Periscope helps you broadcast your live video of the things that are happening around you
  • This one is considered best for real-time social videos. Using such videos, you can broaden events like Industry Expo, Any Cricket Match, etc.
  • It is also advisable to Tweet about your upcoming Periscope Twitter Videos a few days in advance, as this will help in creating buzz



  • When you do Twitter Video Search, you can easily find some moving images- they are GIFs
  • Twitter comprises an in-built GIF search and by typing things you are looking for in that, you can easily find related GIF Twitter Video of your choice
  • This is considered quite effective for adding buzz and ensuring more engagement in Twitter Marketing Campaigns

Key Twitter Video Requirements

Now, you should know different specific Twitter video requirements here, as every video tweet needs some specifications. Let us go through different important things you need to pay heed upon while making Twitter Videos-

Twitter video length

A Twitter video can be of 0.5 to 140 seconds, and even some of the privileged advertisers can use it to post promoted videos of up to 10 minutes video length.

Twitter video file format

Different Mobile format that Twitter Videos support are MP4 and MOV video formats. In addition, compatible web formats are MP4 video format and H264 format with AAC audio.

Twitter video file size

Twitter videos of up to 15 MB (sync) / 512 MB (async) can be uploaded, and in addition, your promoted videos should not increase 1GB file size.

Twitter video file resolution

The Minimum Twitter Video resolution is 32 x 32 while maximum resolution should be 1280 x 1024.

Twitter video aspect ratio

The aspect ratio of Twitter videos should be in between 1:3 and 3:1.

Twitter video frame rate and bitrate

The maximum frame rate of a Twitter video is 40 fps, while the maximum bitrate is 25 Mbps.

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Free Digital Marketing Webinar

Date: 21st Nov, 2018 (Wed)
Time: 3 PM to 4:30 PM (IST/GMT +5:30)

Recording/Importing/Uploading/ & Sharing of Twitter Video

Using a Twitter app, you can record a video inside the application or can stream a live occasion in a few simple steps.

Here are the few steps to do different activities related to Twitter Video-

Method to record and share a Twitter video from the App

  • Click on the Tweet then on photo and finally on Video icon for accessing video mode
  • Then you should hold down the record icon for recording a video. You can release the icon to quit recording
  • For adding more to your video, you should press and hold the record symbol once more
  • After this, you can drag up video clasps to erase some portion of your video, and alter their order by dragging and moving sideways of your video clips
  • Click on ‘Done’ when you’re satisfied with the video
  • You can now Preview your video by tapping the play button. Here you can also do the final edits
  • Finally, click on Tweet for sharing your video with a message

Method to import and share a Twitter Video Stored in your Phone

  • Click on the Tweet icon and choose the video you need to share in your saved recordings and select it
  • Now, edit the length of the video by dragging the bar at the base and then trim to complete the editing
  • You can Preview your video now by clicking on the play Button. Again this is the time for final edits
  • In the last step, you need to click on Tweet and your Twitter video with your message will be shared

Method to upload and share a Twitter Video from your Desktop

  • Click on the Tweet button then tap Add media and later choose your video and click Open
  • Here, you need to ensure that your video is in correct configuration
  • You should edit the length of your chosen video and then tap on Done to complete the editing
  • Finally, clicking on Tweet will let you share your video from your Desktop

Instructions to Create a Live Twitter Video

  • For creating a live Twitter Video, you need to click on the Compose Icon and then on Live Video Icon. This will start recording of live video
  • You can end live recording of your Live Video by swiping down and tapping End video option

Right ways of Using Twitter Video

Answer to tweets

  • Giving responses to tweets shows that your account is dynamic and connecting with individuals, which may rouse new individuals to follow your Twitter account.
  • You can answer a tweet with a video that is a significant and innovative approach to draw in your prospects. Tweet responded with a video will surprise, engage, entertain and inspire your targets to retweet.

Host Q&A sessions via Twitter Video

  • You can use Twitter Video to give answers to the queries of your audiences. It improves your brand image more effectively.
  • Twitter is of the most incredible places to have such Q & A sessions due to a large number of clients drawing in with the application at any given time.
  • The option of doing live Q&A is also there. You can use Periscope to share real-time events and related updates. Live recordings should feel like a discussion amongst you and the watcher and it will soon start offering some highly productive results.

Instruct, Inform & Educate

  • You should make informative Twitter videos by giving practical instruction to learn or do a job/task. Share videos that educate your existing and potential customers about your brand.
  • Using captions with your videos will be one of the most convincing ways to intrigue your audience to watch that video and do what you want them to do

Use Promoted Videos to publicize and share Teasers & Behind the Scenes

  • Using Promoted Videos, you can target those audiences who are looking for brands like you. Now, Twitter also offers an AutoPlay feature that will let your videos naturally start to play as clients look through their timelines.
  • This will be empowering better interaction with the video. You can use Video Teasers to promote any live Twitter video event. In addition, sharing behind scenes can be quite impactful in stirring favorable emotions in your client’s psyche.
  • This will prompt them to share those videos in their circles, plus, if your videos were entertaining, they would love to return to your account for more entertainment

You can also try some other video techniques to promote your e-business such as –

  • Transfix watchers in an initial couple of moments
  • Cut up videos into smaller ones of bite size
  • Never have second thoughts when promoting your videos
  • Smartly use Captions to hook your Viewers Instantly
  • Go live and give your products and service a life

Master Twitter Marketing!

The final step of learning how to use video Tweet is mastering and implementing best and latest Twitter Marketing Strategies.

Joining a Social Media Marketing Course will help you master Twitter Marketing.

It will also help you run Twitter Video Ad Campaigns utilizing Twitter Ads.

Want to know how you can integrate Twitter Videos in your existing Social Media Campaigns; share your details in comments below.

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