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Twitter’s Connect Tab Makes Finding People Easy

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According to recent updates, Twitter has continued to fail to attract and compel the mainstream and large audience. If you are on Twitter like many of other users who only follows 20-30 random people you went to school with, then your timeline is probably uninteresting and stagnant. By giving you more options and that too valid plus interesting options, Twitter is hoping to make your feed something like you actually want it to be.

It seems like Twitter has pulled up its socks with an urge to remain in the market. With a modest growth of Twitter’s user base to 310 million monthly active users in the quarter ended March 31 from 305 million. However, the stock fell by 2.7 percent. This is an all-time low of $14.01. This being the reason, Twitter is striving to improve its interface as its growth has lagged those of social media competitors Alphabet Inc’s Google and Facebook Inc.

Twitter Connect: A New Feature

Jack Dorsey, Co-Founder, Twitter and his team are trying to fix its discovery problem yet again. They have recognized the need to make discovery easy. Similar to all other social networks, Twitter is only useful and fun when you follow people who have interests and things similar to you. However, on the Twitter platform, finding these people is a tricky part.

Applying from today, they are rolling out a new Connect tab that will help you find the right people easier. The blue bird is revamping its tab at the top of your feed today by launching a new feature that aims to help you figure out which account to follow. This roll out is available in Twitter’s latest app on smartphones running on Alphabet Inc’s Android and Apple Inc’s iPhones.

How Twitter Connect Works

This new feature will use signals like tweets you like, what accounts you follow, where you are to list accounts you might want to follow and current events. The most important thing is that it actually tells you why it thinks a particular account is a good match. On the basis of all the things (your location, major events happening on Twitter, who you already follow etc), Twitter will give you recommendations.Connect_Tab

The connect tab will also show up Twitter’s address book upload feature so that you can discover people you know in real life. This new tab is similar to a previous ‘Find People’ tab that was available on the similar platform.

You can sync contacts from your address book to know who to follow. Twitter promises to change the tab over time so as to continue its recommendations based on your activity. Thereby, making discovery easier. For instance, if you follow a lot of Bollywood celebrities, maybe you will want to follow more Bollywood celebrities. If connect sounds familiar, it is probably because the Notifications tab used to have the same name. It will give you the reasons why they are showing a specific account.

“To give you the best recommendations which we’ll continue to refine over time. We look at who you already follow, tweets you like, popular accounts in your local area, what’s happening in the world right now, and more,” Ricardo Castro, Product Manager, Twitter

This new feature, Connect will hopefully attract more users to join in.

Where You Will Connect Tab

Twitter’s strategy is to increase user engagement with the network by making it easier for users to find new accounts to follow. This can help them gain more invitations to join as people will find it easier to discover relevant contacts. You will find the new tab at the top of your Twitter timeline. Connect tab will replace and reside in the exact place as the earlier ‘Find People’ tab. When you will click on this tab, you will see two sections namely, tailored and popular.

1. Tailored Section

This shows up results on the basis of your interactions.

2. Popular Section

This displays suggestions based on different categories.

With the addition of this new tab, you will see your phone contacts integrated into the new tab for a more cohesive appearance. Previously, you see your contacts separately. Assuring that the tab will be updated over time so as to refine the recommendations for its users based on their recent activities. Along with that, Twitter will recommend its own accounts at the bottom of the tab.

After the downfall in the user growth as well as the shift to ‘news category‘ in order to differentiate itself from other social media platforms, this is yet again a hard try from Twitter’s side. With this update, it makes evident that Twitter is under pressure to get more and more users to spend time on the website.


The social network, Twitter has 310 million active accounts as of now. This is just 5 million additional users from the accounts it reported for the fourth quarter of  the year 2015. With a hope of convincing users to follow and connect with more accounts, Twitter’s new Connect strategy might work.

Just like Facebook and other market leaders, Twitter’s plan to increase user engagement with the network by working on its discovery loopholes might help the tech company to gain more users. Have you come across this new Twitter feature? If not, try it today. This will help you connect with your family and friends easily. Share with us and let us know what is your take on Twitter’s new feature, Connect. Will it work out or not?

Sakshi is a content marketer during the day and a reader by night. She writes content sprinkled with a twisted imagination. She has done her graduation in psychology from Delhi University and has an insane love for history.

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