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Type Of Backlinks That Can Boost Traffic To Your Website

Type Of Backlinks That Can Boost Traffic To Your Website

While reading about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you must have come across the word ‘backlink’ for once at least. There are many marketing blogs that suggest high-quality content should be focused to earn links since the importance of building links has lowered.



To be honest, that’s not even close to truth. Links are more like streets between pages for the search engines that crawl the huge data available on the web. With the use of sophisticated links, search engines discover the relation between pages. There are more than 2 million posts getting published every day and without building links, your post won’t stand out. Therefore, link building should be your top priority in SEO. With this blog post, you will understand how the quality, quantity, and variety of links affect the search rankings of your website.

4 Types of Backlinks You Should Avoid

As per the Google algorithm, all backlinks are not equal. Links provided in the navigation, sidebar, and footer doesn’t have much value. Well, if you think you can dodge the search engine giant with black hat techniques, then you should be ready to lose your traffic and give the penalty. This means you should always try to get links from authoritative sites with zero spam association.

  1. Submission websites with low-quality articles

For Google, a website that gives no value to its audience and/or publishes duplicate content has a poor image. Therefore, avoid spammy directories whose only aim is to publish low-quality content and provide do-follow links to webmasters. Reliable directories that are paid like DMoz could be useful but you have to be cautious. In the same way, you should not go for low-quality guest posting opportunities as it is just useless in the eyes of Google. Therefore, if you guest post on a credible website related to your niche, it will give you better opportunities when compared with 10 guest posts from irrelevant websites.

  1. Scale the exchange links

Linking between your own websites can perform fine but if your backlink profile is all about links from spammy websites, then there is surety of raising a red flag from Google’s side. You can also face a penalty if there are irrelevant links being reciprocated between websites.

Note: When building links, you should avoid automated outreach emails.

  1. Automatically generated links

Thousands of the links generated from tools which use web 2.0 properties Squidoo, Hubpages, Blogger, and WordPress should be avoided. As they are of low-quality and link with high velocity will only mean invitation to Google for charging a penalty. You have to keep in mind that credible links don’t happen in a day or two.

  1. Paid Links

If in case, you are into buying or selling of backlinks and leave evidence, then Google is coming for you. Therefore, it is important that all your sponsored links must have a rel=nofollow tag or else Google will see that schemes that manipulate PageRank.

3 Ways to Determine Backlinking Type

It is not sufficient to know which links to avoid as for different businesses, there are different sets of constraints and challenges. Given here are 3 circumstances that can help you determine the most appropriate opportunities for backlinking.



  1. Getting 100 website visitors per day

The best of the backlinks can help you drive referral traffic to your website. Therefore, you can consider these 3 strategies to score backlinks.

Guest Posting

Personal brand building is crucial to the growth of your blog and guest blogging provides you that opportunity. By guest blogging on credible and authority websites relevant to your domain, you can pave a clear path towards building your brand image. This is a scalable strategy. You can benefit from this by posting on relevant blogs and thereby link your own content to it.

Guestographic Method

There are many guest blogs where only author bio nofollow links are allowed that don’t have any link juice. This is the time when infographics can be useful. With the help of infographics, you can contextually build relevant backlinks from your article.

Social Media Marketing

Having more social shares is not equivalent to higher search rankings. But social media can help you a lot with respect to exposure for your content and thereby increase the perceived value. This can also be helpful in building trust with Google as there is more information about your brand. The correlation is direct between brand visibility and domain authority. The more brand visibility, the more you can increase your domain authority and get rankings without having to worry about backlinks.

  1. Quality and Authoritative Content

Once you have a good amount of visitors, it is important to build a persuasive and compelling content that can help in adding value to your audience. Taking up an in-demand topic for writing the high-quality content is crucial.

2 Strategies to find relevant topic to write on

I. Skyscraper Technique

With the help of this effective strategy, you can create your resource and this will surely generate interest from the audience and other webmasters.

This includes

  1. Using Ahrefs and BuzzSumo, going for reverse engineering a linkable asset in your industry.
  2. Crafting a valuable, insightful, better designed, and updated content piece for the audience.
  3. For the original linkable asset, you need to reach out to the website owners to link them. There is another option of reaching out to bloggers of your domain in order to do weekly roundups.

II. Internal Linking

Linking to your content which is authoritative from a relevant blog post can help you with website’s overall SEO. This happens because it distributes link juice to internal pages and as the ranking power gets distributed, the authority of your homepage increases.

Not just that, internal links can also help in navigating the website and increasing the chances of crawlability.

Another important aspect under this is presenting valuable information to your readers in order to reduce bounce rate and increase the average time spent on that page.

3. Not enough budget for creating extraordinary content

Well, creating content is a cumbersome job and getting this done from outside could make a hole in your pockets. But if we are talking about backlinking strategies, they depend on content. You can take a look at these 3 backlinking techniques if you don’t have a strong hold on creating persuasive content.

I. Broken Link Building (BLB)

This is one of the best link building strategies as you add relevant substance to the internet by repairing a broken link. This is based on the principle of reciprocity as you are adding value to a webmaster. This works on simple values. You find broken links on their website and they return the favor by giving a link to your website.

There is no need for content to get backlinks with Broken Link Building (BLB). But it is feasible to combine it with other tactics, it will speed up your rates.

II. Aim to get quoted or interviewed through HARO

Who doesn’t know media websites get a huge amount of traffic and high domain authority. By signing up for Help A Reporter Out (HARO), it is possible to get mentions by the likes of Huffington Post, Forbes, and Entrepreneur.

These are the steps you need to follow

  • Sign up as a source
  • Choose journalist requirement from the emails you receive that is relevant enough,
  • Address every question in the query with detailed answers in your emails.

With these steps, you can get a high-quality link from HARO. You can also get interviewed by high-authority blogs and there is no need to be an expert for that.

III. Buy premium backlinking tools

Getting anxious that your competitors are getting good enough backlinks and you are still sitting on your chair wondering what is wrong with your blog? Well, you can outdo your competitors by buying a premium backlinking tool subscription and reverse engineer your enemies. I mean competitors.


Backlinks are trusted and crucial to your websites that can increase the authority of your website. With the help of them, you can get excessive exposure and thereby drive in the referral traffic. Amalgamating the resources available with your business and the above-mentioned strategies, you can build backlinks. One important thing to remember is avoiding spammy links. Remember that! Let us know what kind of strategy might work for your business. Feel free to share your views and/or queries, if any. You can also check this comprehensive course on SEO to gain more insight.

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