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Blogging has a beautiful career for everyone who loves expressing ideas and delivering information. The last few years have observed tremendous growth in blogging as a profitable career. Once you are motivated to start your blog, the question that strikes your brain every now and then is “What are the types of blogs you can start with?”

Naturally, there are various types of blogs with a different number of audiences. It’s easy to develop an urge to write but choosing the profitable niche is the subject that matters.

WordPress and Blogspot are the two most popular blogging platforms. WordPress, a relatively late entrant in blogging, has surpassed its elder brother, Blogspot in terms of popularity.

More than 40 percent of bloggers use WordPress.

Through this blog, I’m going to help you in identifying the best blog niche. I’ve listed down the most popular types of blogs which will help you in strategizing for your business.

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The benefits of blogging is not just information delivery or awareness but also lead generation.

Through this blog, you can analyze which all types of blogs will aid in conversion rate optimization. From now, you won’t be running out of blogs anymore.

It’s important to get answers to the below-listed concerns before you start writing a blog:

(i) The quality of the content you are writing: informative, revealing, Advisory, Conversational, or motivating.
(ii) The inputs of the selected blog niche in your business
(iii) Type of the content you are going to involve
(iv) The reaction of the audience: Are they reading and increasing conversions or their web-stay timing is less.
(v) What will be the effect of your blog on the business?
(vi) What are the types of blogs that make money?

Creating a Blog

Creating a Blog

Creating a Blog

Prior to mentioning the types of blogs and their purposes, I find it important to discuss a little about blogging. I hope you would find the blog informative and helpful in a broader note. Let’s start.

1. Realize your Passion for Blogging

It is highly recommended to first realize ‘if blogging is my cup of tea?’ You need to be 100% sure that you are passionate about writing and will be disciplined throughout to succeed in your blogging career.

2. Select your Niche

Choose the space you are passionate about and one which will further interest you to bring new ideas. This would help your blog to grow immensely.

3. Buy Domain Name & Hosting Plan

Once you have decided, creating a blog is not a difficult task. Select your domain name & hosting plan and buy both.

4. Choose your Blogging Platform

There are various blogging platforms where WordPress, Tumblr, Medium, Blogger, Wix, and Squarespace are popular ones.

5. Use Optimization Tools

Once you plan about the content, optimize it with SEO, create an attractive theme for your WordPress and therefore, improve the performance of your website.

Remember that writing a blog is not totally related to the content, there are furthermore tasks like banner designing, creating a website theme, creating backlinks and making the blog SEO optimized.

6. Analyzing Blog Performance

Further, after writing and publishing a blog, you will need to measure the traffic generated at your place and therefore increase the conversion rate optimization. For identifying visitors, make use of Google Analytics and learn the strategies for converting visitors to customers.

7. Start with Blog Promotions

Once you are done with the writing of 10-50 blogs, start with the promotional session. Use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora, Pinterest, Medium, and Slideshare. Promote through ad campaigns, optimize its content with SEO and backlinking.

Promotion is the most critical stage. All the way you had been working independently but here you are dependent upon your audience. Write the content that could drive traffic and motivate the visitors to sign-in for your offerings.

Whatever we have learned here, directly can be rethought and improved in the future but once you take a wrong step choosing your niche and writing certain blogs on it, there is no way back to recover your efforts of blog writing. Disappointedly, you have to give a fresh start.

Here, I’ve compiled the top 21 types of blogs, choose the one which fits best to your ideas you want to achieve. Give time to learn which niche can reflect a better future. Let’s get started to learn.

Top 21 Types of Blogs & their Purposes

1. Fashion Blogs

Fashion Blogs

Fashion Blogs Source – Amazon

Fashion blogs are subjects that are very popular among readers. Fashion is not just limited to clothes but also includes styling, designing, makeup, and hairstyling.

If you have a good eye for fashion, its trends, and styling; you can expect a bright future here. However, fashion is a broader topic. There are a number of niches included in the word fashion.

It is recommended working upon a particular niche rather than covering fashion as a whole.

The niche topics may include fashion wear, designer wear, hair styling, styling, makeup, etc.

Fashion is a niche where websites are meant to be beautiful and more colorful. These are designed in a way that there is no chance that anyone could shift his thought from scrolling it, once he comes across the website.

Fashion Bloggers usually get invitations for new product launch, news releases, big events, merchandise and Business with a successful online market.

2. Personal Blogs

Personal Blogs

Personal Blogs

Personal blogs were the first type of blogs to develop their way in the stream of blogging. These are the types of blogs you can start with. Blogging started in the late ’90s with a diary as the first journal to be shared online.

The journal included human expressions, stories, thoughts, and feelings. It was the time when there were no rules and restrictions for writing. These are the types of blogs that make money.

Even today, personal blogs are one of their kinds. They can be shared by anyone but the challenge is to connect with people. You need to find the like-minders which is slightly difficult.

The best thing I can share about personal blogs is that you can make your audience feel through writing your personal experiences. You get a platform to share anything, an easy way to vent out your emotions, isn’t it?

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3. Professional Blogs

As the name suggests, professional bloggers are engaged in generating revenue. Their all the steps are directed towards monetization. The work includes writing an SEO optimized content to drive traffic and increase conversion, promotions of products of other businesses, advertising, and creating information.

Professional bloggers work on niches where their every blog has the potential to drive traffic, sale products. The niche is selected depending upon the active audience and competition over it.

The goal of a professional blogger is to raise the lead in sales. They work with optimization on – call to action button, landing page, contact forms, etc. to attract traffic to their place.

4. Lifestyle Blogs

Lifestyle Blogs

Lifestyle Blogs Source – A Beautiful Mess

Lifestyle blogging includes art, culture, architect, news, politics, human interests, food, dresses, local history, and events, etc.. It covers a number of topics in a broader range being the popular type of blog with a variety of readers.

A number of bloggers work on lifestyle blogging as it offers a choice of content. This gives the opportunity for bloggers to generate followers and increase traffic in lesser time.

One with a variety of interests can opt for this type of blogging. Lifestyle bloggers get many opportunities like being a speaker or an influencer working to overcome social differences.

5. Finance Blogs

Finance Blogs

Finance Blogs

Finance always requires second thought or expert advice. People look carefully for the finance managers to solve their issues. In short, finance blogs have many readers and audiences.

Finance bloggers write about investment strategies that people must plan to support their families in the long run. They share content valuable for entrepreneurs, investors, startups, individual savings, etc.

The audience of such blogs are the one who are interested in managing and generating money. These are the highly read blogs and have lots of competition in the market.

Again, the niche has broader topics to cover herein. These include:

  • Loans
  • Saving Plans
  • Retirement Plans
  • Insurance
  • Investment
  • Budgeting
  • Expense Planning
  • Securities
  • Long-Term Planning

6. Affiliate Blogs

Working on Affiliate blogging refers to writing about the products and services of other websites and generating traffic upon them. You might be wondering ‘why??’

Through the traffic, the bloggers encourage the visitors to buy the stuff using the affiliate link mentioned over there. They make use of a call to action button to drive the visitor to the affiliate link. They earn the commission from the websites selling out those products.

Its a choice of affiliate bloggers to create all in one website or different websites dedicated to different brands. Their main task is to rank them high on SERP using the best SEO techniques. They must know how and which audience to target.
All the content written over here is specifically on the products and their reviews or launch or tutorial.

Or their success, the affiliate bloggers need to strategize and create the best affiliate programs. Mostly, they reach their users through emails.

7. Guest Blogs

Guest blogs are written to post on a website that already has good following. This is done to gather the audience at your place and help your product reach out to the masses.

There is no more any need to hire a writer in your busy time. You just need to get in contact with good bloggers who can guest blog for you.

8. DIY Blogs

DIY Blogs

DIY Blogs Source – Huff Post

These are the most interesting type of blogs. There is a huge audience looking for new ideas, hacks, and DIYs. The DIY blogs deal with art and craft, construction, metal & wood DIYs, old stuff hacks, Fashion DIYs, home decor, etc.

These are the most popular types of blogs among readers and therefore has rich competition.

If you are creative and love constructing things at home, you are most welcome to this field. Again, even these blogs have a broader niche.

9. Food Blogs

There is no doubt about the popularity of these blogs. Food blogs attract people for healthy eating habits, recipes, reviews, ingredients, dining, etc. If these topics are your interest, go for food blogging. It has a wider career ahead.

Food bloggers usually start their career with reviews and tutorials. There are just a few steps thereafter when they get opportunities to taste food all around and promote the restaurants.

The highly concentrated topics of these blogs are:

  • Recipes
  • Baking and Tutorials
  • Healthy Eating
  • Weight Loss Diet
  • Gym Diet
  • Cooking for Parties

10. Niche Blogs

Niche blogging means that you need to be more specific about the topic you are going to blog on. This helps you to work and cover that particular niche inside out and present the deep information to your audience. This is one of the best types of blogs that make money and have variety incorporated within.

The niche topics may include:

  • Health
  • Weight Loss
  • Cuisine
  • Dogs
  • Religion
  • Hairstyling

These blogs are sometimes risky to choose as it may be difficult to target a wide range of audience. Therefore, you may be successful only when you have a brilliant plan that will definitely attract more traffic.

11. Travel Blogs

Travel Blogs

Travel Blogs Source – Fathom Travel

Travel blogs are a must for people. It is the platform that actually encourages you to visit the beauty around the world. These types of cover the exploration topic, guides, maps, famous restaurants, hotels, and local shops.

The cheap air travel has really strengthened the success of these blogs. People love to travel more these days. Traveling is now more fun and easy these days. All thanks to travel blogs.

12. How-to Blogs

These are the easiest types of blogs. You just have to describe the things you are familiar with. Start writing any kind of tutorial ad explain it step by step.

Even how-to blogs have observed a large audience-base as every day a number of people are reading about the products they want to buy.

In short, you can say, How-to blogs has a successful blogging career.

13. Current Affair Blogs

Current affairs are the topics of knowledge that everyone needs to and should know about. Keeping your blog updated with current affairs around the world is the most lively content any blog could offer.

These types of blogs are on high demand among people of all generations as the topics it covers are in variety. It includes news, new advancements, the share market, what is happening around the world, which movie is on the blockbuster, what is the latest fashion, etc. Some bloggers also include products and services with their current affair blogs.

14. Listicles


Listicles Source – Business 2 Community

Listicles are the most-shared blogs over the internet and one of the interesting types of blogs. They give too much information and are easy to read even for those who hate reading. This is because the reader always prefers to skim through the blog.

Some of the examples of listicle blogs are:

  • Top 21 Makeup Artists
  • Top 15 Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Best 5 Fashion Institutes in India

15. Case Study Blogs

These are the experimental blogs where test how the product or services works in real-life. Through the implementation of various tools, techniques, and services, result-driven case studies are commenced.

In case of success, case studies become a guide to success for its readers. In our lifetimes, all of us have read case studies to conclude to a point.

Case studies can attract a large number of audience if you know how to strategies because everyone around is interest to learn about experiments.

16. Political Blogs

Political blogs have specific but a huge following. People who love politics are deeply engaged to learn the latest news, political events, government plans, etc. Political types of blogs are trendy with the adults.

Bloggers also share their opinions here and have active participation of the audience in their blogs.

17. Movie Blogs

People who love movies and following celebrities, find a huge success here. Movie blogs include the review, rating, character information, release date and much more about the movies.

Some of the movie bloggers also share information about the celebrities and other movie stars.

18. News Blogs

News blogs are highly liked and read. People who aren’t able to make time for TV news, scrolls down the online written news. News blogs have conquered a huge market today where awareness is the side-going goal with the other activities. People love to learn about politics, science & technology, religion, the latest events, etc.

News blogs again have a wider niche range. You can select the one which suits your mindset.

19. Inspirational Blogs

Inspirational types of blogs share stories. People are interested to derive inspiration from your stories and blogs. You look around and you will find millions looking to get hope and inspired.

Here, you can write the story of your success from a failure or how you tackled the bad time.

20. Health & Fitness Blogs

Health & Fitness Blogs

Health & Fitness Blogs Source – Ace Fitness

People are greatly motivated to remain fit these days. The everyday awareness news and blogs have made it possible. What next?

People want to lose/gain weight and follow the best diet plan, workout to tone their muscles and learn various healthy food recipes.

Health and Fitness blog all the above kinds of content and help motivated people to achieve success.

21. Survey & Poll Blogs

Survey and poll types of blogs include quizzes dedicated to bringing out results rather than testing anyone’s knowledge. These help to get a review of the products and henceforth increase its workability.

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Above, I’ve discussed all the famous types of blogs you can start. There are two main topics you need to focus on – selecting the niche and writing an SEO optimized quality content. Lacking in any of these can lead you empty-hand.

I hope that you have learned the types of blogs and their purposes, and have achieved greater insights from this article to become a blogger.

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