U.S. Auto Parts Leveraged Email Marketing To Increase Its Revenue By 50 % Per Email

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U.S. Auto PartsAbout U.S. Auto Parts:

U.S. Auto Parts commonly known as USAP, founded in 1995 is a notable name in automotive equipment retailers. Most of their sales happen over web and they are one of the most trusted online retailers in auto parts industry. Promising quality, commitment and customer’s service gives them an air of unusual superiority. With more than 550000 cars parts in their inventory, making them dependable, they bring best in automotive industry for both domestic and imported vehicles in US.

U.S. Auto Parts Business Objectives:

With most of the sales happening over web, USAP had the following business objectives:

  • Engaging their customers who have deserted their shopping carts
  • Incorporate online analytics and reporting feature into their existing email marketing campaigns
  • Reduce bounce rates and increase reach rate
  • Integrate email marketing with other digital marketing metrics to have complete view of marketing data

Strategy Adopted By U.S. Auto Parts:

USAP approached Experian CheetahMail leading email marketing service provider, which partner with Omniture – an Adobe System’s digital marketing business unit to bring out the best in their technologies together. USAP designed a 3-level re-marketing program integrating CheetahMail and Omniture.

At first, Omniture tracking parameters were appended into all USAP’s email campaigns via CheetahMail’s application which generated unique subscribe ID to all the customers, helping them to track their customers online activities and purchasing behaviors.

Once the online activities were tracked, Omniture pulled analytic data which automatically triggered re-marketing reminder emails to customers who had abandoned their shopping carts.

With Omniture impeccable technology and Experian CheetahMail application, the entire process was automated which required no work from USAP.

USAP was able to focus more on their targeted customers with the analytic data in hands on various digital marketing platforms, alongside email marketing platform. CheetahMail application efficiently brought down the bounce rate which in turn increased reach rate.

Results Achieved By U.S. Auto Parts:

The combined power of Omniture and CheetahMail boosted USAP email marketing performance. Due to the revenue which was brought from abandoned shopping cart, email marketing program was high. Significant decrease in bounce rate and increase in email reach was achieved. Below are results figures:

  • 2x higher reach
  • 60% lower bounce
  • 50x higher transaction rates
  • 18x higher click through rates
  • 50x higher revenue per email


With right technology and application, investing in email marketing is a smart choice. Email marketing continues to prove to have the highest return on investment of any marketing networks.

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