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Uber Had A Bad Day In Australia As Well

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In just a blink of an eye, any news goes viral through social media networks. One such renowned social media network wherein the reactions from people can be obtained just-in-time is Twitter. Tweets and retweets enable to grab the attention and spread any news or a piece of information like a wildfire.  A fresh instance of the same is that pertaining to the cab service providing company -Uber.

Uber has witnessed mounting troubles not only in Spain and Thailand but has also faced heat in Germany, Netherlands, India and the United States too. Not lagging behind is France too that has declared ban on Uber cab services in the country. The latest addition in the list of areas wherein Uber has been lashed out by the residents is Sydney, Australia. The issue that cropped-up was that Uber declared a hike in the fare in Sydney, Australia where a gunman is holding 13 people as hostages in an apparent terrorist attack. It was here when Uber used Twitter as the platform to announce the hike in the fare of commuting to CBD.

Uber’s free ride service to Sydney’s Central Business District (CBD) which was an initiative to allow people to commute to that area rather failed to find a solution, thus faced public’s reaction to surge pricing during emergencies.

Uber 2

The social media platform, Twitter which Uber used to promote its service during this time of emergency back lashed on Uber which was reflected by the retweets and instant reactions of people from all over the world. Even though Uber said that it was concerned with the events happening in Sydney, which is why it thought of charging a minimum $100 to flee Sydney hostage crisis area.  Eventually, this action called for a very predictable reaction on Twitter:

Uber response


In response to this, Uber came upfront to state that this attempt was to get the drivers go on the road after that terrorist attack. As far as increasing the fare was concerned, as per Uber, this was done to incentivize drivers to get on the board. After this outburst, Uber was banned in Sydney, Australia.

Uber’s instant response to this backlash was that it announced all rides to Sydney CBD be free and that Uber would even refund the passengers who paid higher rates earlier.

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