UK Models Used SEM To Gain 50 Conversions Per Day

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downloadAbout UK Models

UK Models has a presence since the last 8 years in the modelling industry. It is a solid platform for the aspirants who want to enter into the modelling world irrespective of their ages. The company has lend its supporting services to thousands of enthusiastic models to take the initial steps in their journey. The services range from portfolio shoots, assessment days, boot camps (model), model school(s), website building for the models or printing z cards for them.

The company should not be confused with a modelling agency as it doesn’t finds work for the aspiring models but provide all the necessary services that are needed to kick start the modelling career of the aspirants. As it is said that the first of every journey is often the most difficult step in the whole journey, this company is playing a good role in providing services to the aspiring models.

The company was earlier known as ‘Diesel Models’ but changed its name due to some bad publicity it had to counter in its start-up days. There were as high as thousand conversions in 1 month, thanks to the keywords it used for the publicity. There is a steady flow of customers/aspiring models and there is no particular season in which the customers come in accept the public holidays. In UK, the models are marketed online and there is no promotion on TV, radio or press.

Business Objectives Of UK Models

The primary objective of the campaign launched by UK Models was to generate more and more leads with no big change in the budget. The other objectives are listed below:

  1. It wanted to increase the awareness about the brand and have conversions from the brand terms it was to use in the PPC campaign.
  2. Manage the campaign effectively and lower down the CPAs paid.
  3. Manage and get the Adwords account refined.

Strategies/ Approaches Adopted By UK Models

The keywords were segregated at advertisement group level by the match type. The match type negatives were included which ensured that only the highly relevant landing pages and the ad copies/keywords are displayed. Restructuring actually affects the keyword history by increasing the paid CPCs (average)

Effectively, a restructure affects keyword history, inflating average CPCs paid due to quality score. The account has to build this history as quickly as possible. During this time CPAs are often inflated. Lead volume targets had to be lowered during this period, to allow the restructured sections to gain history, benefiting the long term strategy for the campaign.

Here is a background of the Facebook campaign that was launched by the company.

The management of the campaign of UK Models was took over by Jellyfish. After this only the GDN (Google Display Network) and the Google Search were focussed upon. Jellyfish communicated its aim of targeting the social networks as an important part of its strategy. Meanwhile the other search engines namely Yahoo and Bing were set up.

As the Facebook campaign to enhance the lead volumes immediately was started sooner than intended, there was a fall in the campaign performance. Facebook proves to be a good medium to deliver the advertisements on the basis of demographic factors, educational parameters, interests, language or even relationship status.

Based on the earlier results obtained through this channel, there were realistic goals designed for Facebook test. The conversion rates used to be low but the CPCs were quite high when compared to other networks. Jellyfish wanted to use Facebook due to its clear ability to gain huge volume and not just a channel which could give conversions at CPAs that are low. The basic agenda of the test included the following:

  • Bring in huge volume of leads through Facebook at an acceptable cost per acquisition (CPA).
  • Improve brand exposure for the company keeping the focus on demographic factors
  • Testing the demographic and advertisement alterations to gauge the future possibilities of social networking
  • Analyse and understand the effect of the campaign on searches for the brand on Google
  • Initial stage testing, testing the ad copy and finally demographical targeting


The company obtained huge amount of traffic. Thanks to the female fans who were in their teen age! The company obtained a much higher rate of conversion for the ad that was targeted on the teens. It resulted in as high as 50 conversions in a day which as higher than the ad that was targeted on the models and resulted in 43 conversions in a day. Both the conversion rates are considered high and it was because of the targeted demographic group that was smaller in size.


Search engine marketing is all about using the right kind of keywords to create the desired effect. If the keywords are well focussed and properly placed in a content or advertisement, then the chances are that the results will not just be amazing but easy to sustain as well. there will be rising graph only and one will not be required to worry for the downfall in the profits at least in the near future. A smart SEM strategy often includes multiple platforms to place the ads so as to ensure maximum visibility by the online visitors. In this case study, the company clubbed its SEM campaign with a widely used social media platform named Facebook. This platform offers immense opportunities to connect with the right kind of audience t any given time with negligible efforts.

This case study shows that if the keywords are targeted wisely, no results are difficult to achieve well in time. The first thing is to identify the target group and then launch the SEM campaign to bring in the desired number of leads. One should not shy away from making the necessary changes in an ad copy if so demanded by a situation. A new ad copy can also be created to carry out the task and increase the customer engagement if necessary. A small and timely investment in the same can save the business from the heavy losses in the future.

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