Ultimate Guide To Creative Ads To Drive Qualified Clicks

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Any Advertising campaign that has plans to leave a lasting impression on the minds of the target customers, goes for ads with effective creative. When planned well, it will leave an impact on the viewers.

Campaigns without an effective creative will be just like “having a pen without the ink when planning to write a story”. To be effective, advertising has to be appealing only then it will persuade the visitors to take the desired decision to go ahead and plan their action.

When we are using a digital mode for advertising, we can to some extent bring the visitors to our platforms via Text ads but many times we fail to create the impression that the visitors has in mind for taking a decision to buy the respective product or services. It is due to this reason that today most of the advertisers are engaged in creating such ads that targets their respective group of buyers through their effectively designed creative ads. They prefers going for display ads often to showcase their products so that they can leave the lasting impression in the minds of their target audience and further persuade them to take buying decisions.

In order to attract the desired number of clicks from the customers who possibly must have viewed several numbers of ads in the same category it becomes very essential for any advertisers to think on the new innovative ways to approach such customers with their innovative creative ideas shown in their ads.

Digital advertising plays a very important role in attracting the customers across the globe and creative ads in digital advertising helps to drive the interactions and lifts the brand perception value for the advertisers.

Apart from Text ads, no matter what type of digital advertising channels an advertiser are choosing:

  • Display
  • Video
  • Flash
  • Social
  • Mobile
  • Email
  • Remarketing

Creative has a major role when it comes to reaching the right set of audiences in their entire journey of decision-making. Now, lets engage in knowing what kind of creative ads will drive the desired clicks? There are few guidelines to it:

The Headlines


Headline is the most important element of the ad as it is the headline that draws the attention of the visitors online and persuade them to click on the ads.

Headline should be such that targets the desired group of visitors for the advertisers in the very first impression. It should be a statement in itself about the offerings of the product or services in the ad.

Headlines can be in any form:

  • Direct Headlines – stating about the offer in a simplest way can be more effective sometimes when the visitor is looking for some specific product or services. E.g. Grab Top Sports Shoe Brand on Flat 50% discount.
  • Indirect Headlines – Indirect Headlines are often used when the advertisers are trying to raise certain level of curiosity for their product or service in the mind of their Target Customers. These headlines draws attention of the customers often. Eg Have you planned for your vacation this year!
  • News HeadlinesHere the advertisers tries to deliver the information about their product and new features attached through such headlines. E.g. Your favourite coffee store now has a new flavour from Spain
  • Question Based HeadlineThrough question based headlines the advertisers try to target such customers who are looking for the joining the missing piece of information. Eg. Have you planned well for your Retirement?
  • Command HeadlinesCommand Headlines are often used to drive the person’s attention to the ad by telling them simply what action they need to take. E.g Book Now! and Get free Dinner Voucher!

These are the most often used form of headlines that advertisers choose for their creative as these help in triggering the right action.

Ad Description

Imagine any location without its name? How people will identify the place?

This is another way to understand the role that ad description plays in the creative campaign. Description line is that line that acts as a pillar of support to the statement given in the headline. Ad description offers the proof to the visitors convincing them to take action.

It becomes essential to give equal importance to the description of the ad as it compels visitors to click the ad and visit the website or the Landing page.

Image Magic

Images are the great means of communication. What a word can’t do Images can. Images helps in drawing immediate attention of visitors and plays one of the most important role in Triggering the action.

Many a times advertisers uses image as a main tool of communication that helps the visitors to visualize what is on offer.

Colour Combination

Colour Combination

Colour has a great role to play in advertising scenario. Imagine any ad today, which are all in single colour or Black and white.

What is attractive always draws attention. A perfectly planned colour combination in the ads hits the right target and triggers the immediate action.

When effectively used, colour provides advantage in gaining instant attention and leads the increase in the click rate. Colour gives a great synergy to the design elements of the creative in the ad.

Smartly used, even single colour leaves a lasting impression on the visitors.

Call To Action

The element, that steals the deal when it comes to digital advertising platform. Yes, Call To Action is that element in the creative that pushes the visitors to make a decision and do the desired action as planned by the advertisers.

A call-to-action, often addressed as CTA, is an image or line of text that prompts visitors, leads, and customers to take action. It is, quite literally, a “call” to take an “action.”

It can be used to convey any message like-Sign Up, Book A Free Webinar, Download, Sale, Discount, Buy Now etc.

Main attention for an advertiser here is to be precise and direct to what they want to convey through such CTA.

  • It should be Eye Catching
  • Should be Direct
  • Should convey USP
  • Should convey clear message
  • Should carry no error when it comes to connect any URL to it


CTA is the element that is added to the creative design that it will drive the visitors for making the desired action. Any errors in designing a CTA will not leave the desired impression on the visitors and hence the ad might fail to drive the qualified clicks.
The duration of view for any ad depends on the creative, so getting the creative right is very essential.

Good creative is very important for any advertisers as it is only through such creative ads that the desired clicks are received for the campaign finally has direct effect on sales.

A compelling creative increases the ad quality and this will drive the qualified clicks for the campaign.

Whether advertising your business on Google AdWords or social media platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn, making campaigns creative is a must. It is all about getting into practice with all these guidelines and look forward for a desired clicks through these creative ads.

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