Under The Dome Used Social Media Marketing To Reach 5.7 Million People

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Logo -Under The DombAbout Under The Dome

Under the Dome is a TV series originated in the USA and was premiered on June 24, 2013. It was based on a novel by Stephen King and was conceptualized and developed by developed by Brian K Vaughan. The series have been reproduced with 13-episode second season and was premiered on June 30, 2014. The program wanted to reach a larger and greater community and so, decided to leverage Social Media Marketing.

Business Objectives Of Under The Dome

The managing team of the TV series wanted to achieve the following two main objectives:

  • Building awareness among the greater community about the premier and the series on Big CBS Love.
  • Popularize of the series by creating excitement and Buzz around the premier.Big CBS Love

Approach/Strategy Adopted By Under The Dome

The organizers of the premier show appointed ‘Mindshift Interactive’ as their consultant. The social media execution team decided to embark on Twitter and optimally leverage it to achieve its objectives. The entire Twitter campaign was organized and executed in to three phases.

Phase #1: TweetUp
  • At this phase the influential Twitters and audience were invited to join the campaign on Twitter.
  • They decided to Twivte their guests, organizers and invitees.
  • Sent personal invitations to each tweep.
  • Organized and installed influencer lead contests.
Phase #2: Under The Dome Contest

The contest was organized through the following two steps.
Step #1: A question was tweeted: “If you were stuck #UnderTheDome what would you take with you?
Step #2: The key influencers retweeted the question and participated in the contest.

Phase #3:

Live tweets were posted during the show and simultaneously live reviews were conducted.

Results Achieved By Under The Dome

The results achieved in different phases were as follow:

Phase #1:

  • The TV series registered new followers after the TweetUp: 32
  • Total Tweets: 3166
  • Total Reach: 3.4million
  • Total Timeline Deliveries: 6.34 million
  • Total Participants during the tweetup: 2120
  • Most remarkably, India was the 2nd largest country to contribute towards tweet about #UnderTheDome
  • Women in the age group of 18 –24 years were the top conversation contributors.

Phase #2:

  • Total Contest Participants were 900
  • At 3.55pm Total Tweets: 1827
  • Total Reach: 1.72 million
  • Total Timeline Deliveries: 3.06 million
  • Followers gained after contest: 44
  • Trended in Mumbai and India for + 4 Hours

Phase #3:

  • Total Tweets during show: 428
  • Total Participants: 300
  • Total Reach: 6, 01,381
  • Total Timeline Deliveries: 1.02 million


A well planned Tweet and Retweet synergy can transform the entire campaign on this platform. A well thought and well planned campaign on Twitter will never go waste. An effective social media campaign can broaden the spectrum of popularity about any brand or program and it even can cross the demographic borders of the host country or nation. It was surprising excitement to Under The Dome to note that India was the 2nd largest country to contribute towards tweets about #UnderTheDome.

Sources: Google images

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  1. Ummer

    It is a good case study. As a social media enthusiast I find many things to learn from this case study.
    However, could not follow few things here. What does “Twivte” mean?

    I liked the ‘Learning’ part most. This part concluded the blog nicely.


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