Ultimate Guide to Understand Twitter Analytics for Brands

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Twitter Analytics

Understanding and utilising analytics is must in the digital marketing space. Especially with social media marketing, analytics become even more important to measure the impact of your campaigns and the business they generate. In this article, I will share details about the Twitter Analytics and ways to make sense of the metrics. Twitter is a great platform for real-time updates, news and current information. It is much more dynamic in nature than other social networks. It is also a very useful tool for brands to share product updates, resolve queries and complaints, and run contests and campaigns.

So, let’s begin with understanding Twitter Analytics.

Understanding Twitter Analytics

Twitter offers a very useful native analytics tool which can be accessed here. Whether you are trying to access an individual or a brand account, you can check these detailed analytics. As you open the analytics page, you are prompted by Twitter to sign-in.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Prompting to Sign-In

Once you sign-in, you will see a ‘Get Started’ button to access your analytics as shown in the following screenshot:

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics (Get Started)

Once you do that, you will see a summary of your Twitter account on the dashboard as shown in the following screenshot:

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics Home Page

On this home page,by default you will see a 28 day summary of your tweets which includes graphic representation of total number of tweets during this period,  total tweet impressions (i.e. number of times your tweet shows up in people’s feeds), profile visits (i.e. total number of times your profile was checked by people) and followers.

You will also see month-wise report on home page. For instance, in the screenshot above, you can see my top tweet in the current month of May. Similarly as you scroll down on this page, you will see stats of each of the previous months, up to almost last 30 months. This month-wise reports shows stats like (as shown in the screenshot below):

  • Top tweet of the month
  • Top mention (tweet that mentioned your account and got highest number of impressions)
  • Top media tweet (your tweet with media like photo or twitter video which got highest impressions)
  • Top follower (account with highest number of followers which followed you in that particular month)
  • Total number of tweets
  • Tweet impressions
  • Profile visits
  • New followers
  • Top card tweet (this is another metric which is shown only if you have used Twitter Cards in that particular month)
Twitter Analytics

Monthly Tweet Stats on Analytics Home Page

You can also see that at the top of this dashboard (on the home page) there are different options like Home, Tweets, Audiences, Events and More. I have already explained the metrics on Home page. For rest of the options/pages here are the details:

  • Tweets
    This page displays stats in graphic form all the details related to your tweets. By default, it shows stats of the last 28 days but you can also set customised time period of the last 91 days to check performance of your tweets. Some of the stats displayed on this page are:

    • Tweets (list of all your tweets, their impressions, engagements and engagement rate, i.e. percentage of engagements out of total impressions).
    • Top Tweets (arranged in ascending order from your post popular to least popular tweets).
    • Tweets and replies (this includes stats related to your regular tweets as well as of those tweets which includes your interaction with other users).
    • Promoted (this includes stats related to those tweets which you have promoted using Twitter advertisement).

There is also an option to export all this data (in CSV format, check out the sample spreadsheet here) for your chosen time duration in the top right corner of this page as shown in the screenshot below:

Twitter Analytics

Tweets page on Twitter Analytics Dashboard

  • Audience
    There are two aspects of this page. First is that you can see audience insights related to those accounts who follow your Twitter handle and secondly you can see insights of all the Twitter users. As far as this second option is concerned, it only shows stats related to all the Twitter users only in United States. To overcome this hurdle, you can use ads.twiter.com and while creating some ad campaign (which you do need to make live), you can check the audience section, where you can see the stats. Here are screenshots for these two aspects of Audience:

    Twitter Analytics

    Audience Insights (Your Followers)

    Next up is the screenshot of Audience Insights (All Users)

    Twitter Analytics

    Audience Insights (All Users)

    As you can see in the screenshots above, the Audience Insights (Your Followers) provides details like your followers’ top interest, their top language (in which they converse), their lifestyle type, gender, overall interest and much more.

    Similarly the Audience Insights (All Users) provides not just the details like top interest, top language, top lifestyle type etc. but also the household income categories, net worth and much more.

    This data can be very useful to understand followers of your Twitter account as well as the overall audience, to whom you can target your tweets.

  • Events
    Twitter has improved its platform a lot in the last few years. Events is one such feature of Twitter, which allows marketers to tap into the top trends and recurring events and thus increase their business outreach. This is a goldmine for marketers to tune up their content calendars and target the right audience (Twitter shares insights of audience which tweets about these events) at the right time (Twitter also share the time of the year when conversations about these events peak up).

    Twitter Analytics

    Events Page on Twitter Analytics Dashboard

    You can see details of each of these individual events as well as launch campaigns (based upon your objectives like Increase Followers, Engagement, Generate Leads etc.) right from within the events page.

  •  More
    This page has three features: Videos, App Manager and Conversion Tracking. The Videos tab shows statistics of the video clips uploaded by you on Twitter like Video Views and Completion Rate (i.e. percentage of completely seen video to the total views).The App Manager tab shows option to add your App to your Twitter Account and promote it by setting up campaigns as shown in the screenshots below.

    Twitter Analytics

    Steps to Add App to Your Twitter Analytics Account

This completes the basic brush-up with different areas of Twitter Analytics. Now we move on to the next area, i.e. Twitter Hashtag Analytics.

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Twitter Hashtag Analytics

Hashtags is the most important feature of Twitter, which has created an entirely new culture on the internet to launch the campaigns all across, using hashtags. They help to streamline the information and narrow down the Twitter search as per the particular topic. Though there are many Twitter hashtag analytics tools, Twitter’s native search functionality is in itself an excellent Twitter Analytics Tool. Apart from this native tool, Talkwalker is also a very useful Twitter analytics tool with both free and paid plans. More details about such tools are shared in the next section.

As far as integrating Twitter Analytics API with your campaigns is concerned there are two kinds of analytics which can be integrated: Synchronous and Asynchronous. The full details about Twitter Analytics API and how to integrate it with your campaigns can be read here.

Twitter Analytics Tools

Apart from Twitter native analytics tool (i,e. analytics.twitter.com) there are some other useful tools available free of cost or with freemium model, using which you can analyse your Twitter outreach. Here are they:

  • Twitonomy: This tool is useful not just to analyse your own Twitter account but also of your competitors. You can export data in excel or PDF to make the analysis easier. You can also find out the most common hashtags being used by your competitors and much more.
  • Foller.me: Like Twitonomy, you can search details of any Twitter account in Foller.me. For any Twitter account you search, they gather almost real-time data about recent topics, @ mentions, hashtags, followers etc.
  • TwitterCounter: This tool is primarily to track the growth of your followers over the time. It also shares predictions of your followers’ growth over the next 30 days and much more.
  • Klear: This is a useful tool to identify influencers in your industry on Twitter. You can also see stats of individual Twitter accounts which will help in analysing your competitors on Twitter.
  • FollowerWonk: This is another useful to identify influencers in your industry and to find accounts based upon interest areas. You can see analysis of your followers, like who are they, what and how much do they tweet etc.

There are many more tools in this space, but these few are enough to provide you a comprehensive view of your Twitter performance and not just that, they also help you to analyse your followers, competitors and find out influencers in your industry.


I hope the information provided in this article will be helpful to you to understand Twitter Analytics, as well as acquaint you with some useful Twitter Analytics tools. You can try out all these tools and narrow down to 2-3 tools of your choice.

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If you have any queries related to Twitter Analytics, please ask in the comment box below.

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