Understanding Digital Marketing Strategies leveraged by Amazon’s Innovative Campaigns

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In this case study we try to elucidate the Digital Marketing Strategies used by Amazon for its extremely popular marketing campaigns.

About Amazon

Amazon is an American electronic commerce and cloud computing company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington. It is the largest Internet-based retailer in the United States. Amazon launched its India marketplace in June 2013, offering two seller programs: 1) Selling on Amazon; and 2) Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Earlier, in February 2012, Amazon officially entered the India market via the launch of Junglee.com, its shopping comparison site.


Although the India Online Retail market is small today, it has a lot of potential and could be a $18B market by 2018. With a $2 billion investment by CEO Jeff Bezos in 2014, Amazon has already positioned well in the market.

  • Amazon.in is the #5 Website in India. (Source : alexa.com)
  • Over $1 billion in Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV)
  • It currently has 20 FCs operational across 10 states covering a total area of over 1.6 million square feet.
  • At its current pace should be able to generate material contributions within 5-10 years, potentially generating $3B in GMV, $525MM in Net Revenue, and $475MM in incremental Gross Profit by 2018.

Successful Campaigns

#WhatteyDeal, #AurDikhao, Great India Shopping Festival #DiwaliOnAmazon, #EkBarAmazonTryTohKar

Case Study on Successful Campaign: #AurDikhao

  • With the #AurDikhao campaign, Amazon has struck a chord with consumers by highlighting the common man’s power of choice.
  • With its huge horizontal and vertical depth of products and focused targeting based on Indian shopping patterns, it has conveyed the fact extremely well that the consumers will literally be spoilt for choice.

Digital Marketing Strategies Implemented

Google Adwords Strategy

  • PPC Search ad – Category based text ads.
  • Display – Products/offers based ad images.
  • Gmail – Content/Topic based Text ads

Social Media Strategy

The idea has been extended well on social media with meaningful engagement and creative visuals. Connecting with Twitter influencers and building social buzz around #AurDikhao has ensured the success of the campaign.

  • Twitter Followers -195K, Facebook-5 Million likes
  • Youtube-Total 15 million views on all videos. 2 Million views on the #AurDikhao campaign ad video alone
  • Presence on Instagram and Pinterest as well
  • Regular updates on new Products, Offers and Discounts using appealing Videos and Images.
  • Real-time Customer Service by addressing customer issues publicly and thereby ensuring complete customer satisfaction
  • Intelligent customer engagement using creative and humorous posts (e.g. #AurDikhao memes)

Mobile Marketing Strategy

  • Apps present on all major platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
  • Over 10 Million installs on Android alone with 4.1 rating
  • Increasing number of app-specific offers to increase the popularity of the app.
  • Regular updates


Site Visits

  • An annual comparison shows that Amazon has seen over a 142 per cent jump in the number of unique visitors since May 2014 while for Flipkart, it’s nearly 80 per cent surge. For the same period, Snapdeal saw a 90 per cent rise in unique visitors, the data revealed.
  • After the campaign, Alexa Traffic Rankings reveal significantly higher traffic than nearest rival
  • 200 Million Backlinks

Important Takeaways

Amazon has always managed to stay on top, thanks to the successful implementation of its innovative digital campaigns, intelligent customer acquisition and engagement strategies, and impeccable customer service. The #AurDikhao campaign, in particular was a major success story and a game-changer for Amazon’s presence in India.

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