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Understanding Indian Businesses Through Cricket Analogies – Article By Pradeep Chopra In Inc. India

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As the ongoing Cricket World Cup enters the next round, interest is only going to increase as in which team is the real contender to lift the winner’s trophy. The way T20 or 20:20 format has entertained cricket lovers, it has totally changed the dimensions of this great game. But apart from enjoying the game from a game lover’s point of view which Pradeep certainly is, he recently wrote an article in ‘Inc. India’ magazine (Slide is embedded below the post) where he took the analogies of cricket in it’s modern format & shared various examples of the current players to determine which companies will emerge as winners & wealth creators in the next decade.

He starts with an analogy that Giants like Tata & Birla are like Test cricket whereas new age companies like Airtel & MakeMyTrip resemble One day cricket but we are yet to see any 20:20 player like Facebook which has reached $50 billion valuation so soon! According to him now in this decade there is a very good chance for various young entrepreneurs to emerge as a successful 20:20 player. Because now we will see ‘choice based’ entrepreneurship rather than forced one.

The new players have to fail & learn fast like in 20:20 Cricket. These companies will create many new opportunities in terms of wealth, jobs & will boost the economy too. The way 20:20 has given birth to IPL & other great leagues, not to forget the great find of Yousuf Pathan in India through IPL, similarly we will also see many new great companies emerging & some really quality talent generating lot of value for these companies. On these lines Digital Vidya has launched world’s first cricket based social media platform which has been developed taking care the need of sharing comments by cricket lovers with their friends while watching the live matches & has a lot of scope. Similarly we will see many more technology based products coming up from various sides.

We will also see the Venture Capitalist culture like in USA coming to India. Investments will increase & come easier than they are today. This will lead to lesser control & more of a change management. Thus we will see a change in management style in this decade in exactly the way Dhoni has exercised his role in the current Indian team as compared to aggressive style by Ganguly. With huge investments, they can be more corporate frauds by some entrepreneurs who are lured by money. Anyway we hope not to see any more Rajus or Lalit Modis in Indian corporate sector!

In spite of all the turbulence the real wealth generators will be the businessmen with leadership quality like shown by Sachin Tendulkar on the field or Narayana Murthy in the corporate world. Or in management terms we can say those who apply the fundamentals of business right and are adaptive to changes will be the real game changers.

The way 20:20 cricket was designed solely to entertain the cricket fans & bring back the crowds to the stadium, in the same way the mantra for this decade will be “By the People, For the People”. The new age companies should design their products based upon customers’ desire & should involve them in further evolution. This will bring the customers more closer to the brands. We have actually adopted this practice in, as we are adding new features almost every day based upon the feedback from the users.

Hope you liked all these analogies & some predictions for this decade along with the learning in this article. Please share your views with us.

[CEO, Digital Vidya]
Among the pioneers of Digital Marketing, Pradeep has been part of the Internet Industry since 2000. He has been a serial entrepreneur for last 17 years and is currently a Co-founder & CEO of Digital Vidya, a leading Digital Marketing, and Big Data & Data Analytics training company.

A graduate of IIT Delhi and a recipient of Adobe Content100, Pradeep is one of the most sought-after international speakers in Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

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