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Understanding The Concept Of Facebook Marketing

Understanding The Concept Of Facebook Marketing

Data says all and data is what we will refer before we start with the concept of Facebook Marketing.


When Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook on February, 2004, he might not have realized that the network would become the most used social media site. It is now a well known fact that Facebook can be used as a tool for marketing your business apart from being the social network to connect with your long-lost friends. However, without having a thorough idea of the concept of Facebook marketing, as in which factors are important to market business on Facebook, one may not succeed on Facebook Marketing. We need to be aware of certain pointers which would eventually lead us to understand the basic concept of Facebook marketing.

Understanding Facebook

We need to understand that Facebook, the first generation social media network was not built for business in the first place. It was built mainly to re-connect friends; Facebook has given us back friends who were lost for long just because there were no ways to find them or to communicate with them. A Facebook marketing plan should be built keeping this little fact in mind that Facebook was not meant for business. Having said this, we also must admit that there are immense chances for business marketing on Facebook if things are directed to the right path.

Concept of Facebook Marketing: Few Fundamental Rules

#A:: Facebook Algorithms:

Well, who thought that we need to understand algorithms to plan our business strategy?! But we do! Facebook does change its algorithms time to time to personalize News Feed for each user. Facebook marketing strategy should be done keeping the algorithm in mind. Let us see the changes made during the latest algorithm alteration in January, 2015.


# Promotional posts are not allowed anymore

The biggest change took place in the Edgerank, the algorithm, is that from 2015 onwards promotional posts are not allowed on Facebook anymore. It may look like a big challenge for the marketers to deal with in the beginning. However, there is a workaround here if you really know by definition what a promotional post is. According to Facebook posts that use exact same content and try to push people to buy a product or enter a promotions directly, are promotional posts. Phrases like “50% off”, “Download now and win big” etc make posts too direct and therefore, overtly promotional.


Now that you know what a promotional post is the only thing left is to understand and avoid this kind of phrases from your post so that you are able to promote but not too directly; your promotional post needs to be subtle! The most important lesson that we get here is to read Facebook business page regularly so that you are aware of every little changes made on Facebook algorithm.

#B:: Organic Reach declining gradually

Facebook’s algorithm brings down the number of stories that appear on our News Feed based on its research about what we want to see. The number comes down to 300 from 1500 on a daily basis. Social media is a sea of information and there is more news than the time to read them all! While creating a Facebook marketing strategy keep this in mind that within this huge number of News Feed, in order to create a buzz, you have to come up with posts that fit to the selection procedure of Facebook algorithm. It is difficult but not impossible to gain an organic reach even in this situation. It is okay not to reach all the users every time you post contents. However, with a relevant, target oriented post one can achieve a good organic reach.


#C:: Inclination towards paid ads

As we have discussed in the previous point that organic reach has become difficult to achieve, we come to our next fundamental findings to understand the concept of Facebook marketing. Allocating a special budget for Facebook advertisement would be a wise move these days.

#D: Age of video posts

This is certainly the age of video! With the advancement of technology and smart phones making a 5 second/ ten second video clip has become a cakewalk for the younger generation. Within a year video posts have increased 75% per person. Shorter and relevant videos are best as content. A call-to-action button added on the video can drive the engagement to the website.

Few Essential tips for Facebook Marketing

So far we have discussed about some of the fundamental concepts that marketers should know before finalizing their Facebook marketing strategy. Let us now talk about few essential tips which can come out handy.

#1: Promote your Facebook Page


Promoting your Facebook page is as important as to have one. There are numerous ways to do this. One can leverage the existing traffic by adding Facebook icon on the existing website of his or her business. We always see these social media icons on every websites now which can be seen and clicked. By doing this simple act one can gain a lot traffic.

Same way one can put Facebook page links under his/ her/ company’s e-mail signature.

Promoting your Facebook page in-store is another great idea if you have a store for your business.

Embedding a Facebook Like Box in your blog’s side bar is yet another good idea to promote your Facebook page.

#2: Quality and Nature of the Post

No strategy will work if the material on which it is based is up to the mark. Keeping a keen eye on the quality of the content (post) is the most valuable aspect of a marketing strategy. Now that we know our posts have to be subtle, not directly promotional, we just need to rethink and revise already posted contents or create new contents keeping the fact on mind. Facebook allows longer posts. However, it is always better to post short, crisp and relevant contents so that the potential readers do not lose their interest.

It is now proven that images and videos are more popular than written content. With the invent of networks like Pinterest, Instagram, Vine or Vimeo short length videos are the latest craze among the young generation. Videos have to be eye-catchy from the first frame so that it can utilize the auto-play mode of News Feed on Facebook.

#3: Use Facebook’s own Features for promotion

The About Section: There are few features on Facebook which can be used for promote your business. One can use the “About” section of the profile as this is the first place where people will look when scanning the Facebook page. One can also add the milestones achieved by the company in here.

The Follow Button: There is a limit as to how many “friend” you can have on Facebook. But there is no limit of followers. Enable the “Follow” button on your page and see the magic!

Sharing Through Personal Profiles: Personal profiles are getting much more visibility than business page nowadays. You would get more likes and interaction if you share any post through your personal page.

Groups for Visibility: Facebook’s algorithm favours groups. However, groups can be created and/or joined through the personal page only and not through the business page. Since groups are meant for discussion and sharing, posting promotional contents would not be ideal here. Instead, one can try and engage people in to relevant discussion about the brand which is in a way would boost the visibility of business page only.

Boost Post: It is always a better practice to target your audience and then boost your post. That way you will have a concrete result in terms of visibility.

#4: Make Use of Visual Branding

Being recognizable is the first step to be liked on Facebook. There are many ways through which one can create a great first impression as the ‘look’ is important in branding. So choosing a relevant profile picture is important too. The required size of Facebook’s profile picture is 180x 180 pixel.


Optimize visual branding by choosing a perfect cover photo as well. You can also integrate the profile picture and the cover photo to add extra oomph to your Facebook page.

#5: Timing of Post

This is an important factor in understanding the concept of Facebook marketing. With the help of tools like Facebook Insight and other tools one can analyze best time to post content. Sometimes posting during off hours can also help boost the reach.


To create a social media marketing strategy for your Facebook page is not tough once the concept of Facebook Marketing is understood. One just have to be careful with the changes that Facebook is constantly bringing up to prevent the exploitation of the network.


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