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Understanding The Consumer Buying Behaviour Through Google Search At SEMPO Meet Up

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Consumer is the centre of attraction for all the companies that are running their set of businesses. The products and/or services offered by the companies are put forth keeping in view the requirements of the consumers, thus hinting at the fact that it is a consumer centric world.

In the present day world, the major emphasis is laid on how to pitch and target the consumer via effective ways. What better and effective way will be to reach out to the large number of audience via a single medium accessible to almost all, viz. Google Search. Yes! The search engine giant is the one stop platform to answer all the queries. So, undoubtedly it is the best platform to reach out to the masses at large and fetch the best results.

SEMPO India organized a day long event on 8th May, 2015 that aimed to bring together the best minds from the Digital Marketing and Analytics space to talk about digital advertising as well as optimization and marketing issues. SEMPO Bangalore Meetup featured certain technical sessions and a panel discussion. the sole motive of the event was to explore the current state and evolution of Digital Marketing and Analytics.

To lay emphasis and bring limelight on how Google Search can turn out to be beneficial for understanding the consumer buying behaviour, Himanshu Arora, Co-Founder, Social Panga & Lead Trainer, Digital Vidya shared insightful views on tips and tricks at the SEMPO Bangalore Meetup Bangalore 2015.

It is worth mentioning a fact that Himanshu is one of the few chosen Google Product and Sales Trainer for Google Adwords and has worked closely with 50+ companies, including both Fortune 500 companies and start-ups, which gives him a unique understanding and expertise in the area of online marketing and branding. He has also conducted over 35+ digital marketing trainings for leading corporates like HUL, TOI, HPCL, TCS, ICICI, Pidilite, Kotak, Nokia, Wipro, and several premier education institutions.


Enlisted below are the top takeaways from the SEMPO event shared by Himanshu Arora:

  • SEMPO as an event always very focused on search & different aspects of search.
  • He chose the topic of understanding the consumer behaviour through Google Search. Herein, he wanted to give an intangible aspect to generally number driven subject or tangible way of looking at Google search results.


  • Himanshu spoke about the following concepts at the SEMPO event:
  1. How  Google search can help you to understand what exactly people looking for and may be modulate our service & product offering, according to that.
  2. He detailed out how a consumer behaviour can be of great help for search engine marketer.
  3. Besides, he spoke about understanding how the search sales funnel can lead to lot of insights, which could be of great importance & will support our decision making.
  4. Furthermore, he shared information about the difference between Google keyword planner & Google Trends.
  5. Adding on, he explained the concept of Google Trends & categories available to extract the required/relevant information with respect to our product/service.


Himanshu concluded the session by quoting several examples and snippets from real life instances. Overall, in a nutshell the entire session was quiet interactive and people were encouraged to ask questions in between the session, rather than waiting for the end. Himanshu even quoted that: “it was a joy to see people clapping and it confirmed my belief that people enjoyed the session.”

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