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Understanding The Power Of Facebook Power Editor

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Advertising on Facebook is a great way to increase one’s presence on social media and using it for the benefit of promoting one’s business. Facebook offers a strong tool called the Power Editor which can be used by marketers to efficiently manage their ads on Facebook and make the most out of them. Power Editor offers various advanced features which can go a long way to help one reach one’s perfect audience with the right kind of communication.

In this post, we will look at the benefits of using Power Editor as a tool for efficiently running one’s marketing campaign.

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Power Editor is a social media tool which can be used to create bulk ads and manage the same on Facebook. This tool provides a large number of features which are advanced in nature and are avidly used by Facebook marketers. It is a plug-in and works the best with Google Chrome browser. While using the Power Editor tool, one needs to download all the ads from the ad manager, create the ad campaign and then upload the same to start running the campaign.


Some of the benefits of using the Power Editor for setting up one’s ads are as follows:

  • One can run the ads on a specific time zone depending upon the target audience. That is, if we are targeting our audience who are using Facebook at specific times during the day, then Power Editor can be used to schedule and run the ads at these specific times.
  • Another benefit of using the Power Editor is to have control on the placement of one’s ad. That is, one can control the placement of the ad basis the mobile device which is being used by the consumer. Also, one can set that the advertisement should be shown on mobile devices which are connected to the internet via WiFi only.
  • One can optimize the ads using a Power Editor. It offers similar features that are offered by Ads manager like clicks, impressions or post engagement. Also, one can select the daily unique impressions thereby allowing one to bid on the number of impressions, however, the same is limited to one view per day.
  • Power Editor provides the bulk uploading feature, which is helpful when is running a number of ads and will appreciate the convenience to have them uploaded in bulk. An excel spreadsheet of one’s ads can be used to upload and download them, in case one needs to edit them. This is specifically useful when one needs to save time on large campaigns.
  • Another important feature provided by Power Editor is to run the unpublished post option. An unpublished post is similar to a regular post but has longer text. Hence, it one has the scope to give more details about one’s offer. Also, it includes a call-to-action button and one can easily control the appearance of the link. In addition to this, one can also split test one’s ads without having to post the same on the page multiple times, thereby making sure that one is not posting too much of promotional content for one’s viewers.
  • Using the Power Editor, one can see the images used for the older ad campaigns, which can be easily used again. Hence, these images were easily accessible and could be used again for creating successful advertisement campaigns on Facebook.
  • One can easily do split testing of your Facebook advertisement using Power Editor. With the help of Power Editor, one can create a large number of variations of the advertisement on Facebook basis the image, headline, colours, ad text, etc. These variations can then be tested for success of the ad campaigns. This can be easily done using the “Duplicate” button on the Power Editor. That is, one can create an ad, then duplicate it to create two ads, which can be modified as per requirement, then the same can again be duplicated to create eight, so on and so forth.
  • Power Editor also lets one create and run ads specifically based on the mobile device used by the consumer. For example, an advertisement campaign can be run specifically for iOS users or Android users. To go one step ahead, it also facilitates targeting iPhone, iPod or iPads users within the iOS category. This kind of targeting can be used in case of luxury products which are more likely to be used by the iOS owners. Similarly, one can target the teenagers by running campaigns specifically for the iPod users.
  • Power Editor can help one advertise on Facebook through news feeds. Statistics have revealed that the clicks through rates for advertisements in news feeds have shown great promise. Power Editor also helps one analyze what kind of target audience is actually responding to the advertisement. Is the actual target audience responding to the same or an audience different from the expected set?

In this way, one can see that Power Editor is a great tool which helps one manage a large number of variations of the Facebook advertisement in a very easy and efficient fashion. A large of ads can be created easily in a short span of time. It has a lot of features which are not available with Facebook’s basic ad manager. It has been seen that this tool provided by Facebook has been underutilized by marketers and has not been exploited up to its full potential. A serious business marketer should look at using Power Editor and make the most of its features and benefits. With Facebook making this product extremely user friendly, it isn’t very difficult to use this tool, once the same is tried out a few times. One should definitely try using this tool and its features to see what works the best for the business.

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    • 4 years ago

      Shital Kalamkar   /   Reply

      Amazing tool!!. The most interesting feature of Power Editor is that, one can create and run ads specifically based on the mobile device which is used by them. As, day by day mobile users are increasing this will definitely going to help marketers to gain customers.

    • 2 years ago

      janet   /   Reply

      Wonderful how can I use this app to run my online business I want to reach many people who are my target audience

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