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Understanding Your Customer: First Step In Making Inbound Marketing A Huge Success

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Inbound marketing is all about creating content that appeals and attracts to your customers. Its a kind of marketing strategy where the marketer share their products, views and goals to the customers. It also focuses on targeting customers who are interested in what you offer to them, for this marketer select various channels such as social media platforms, content, blogs etc. In today’s world of competitive market inbound marketing is effective, reason is that it allows you to target your customers much more effectively than other forms of marketing. It enables you to know what kind of customers are suitable for your business and what are not. This kind of strategy helps you to reduce your efforts and increases your efficiency.

Now the question is why we need to Understand our customer?

To get success in inbound marketing this is the most important fact to consider. Understanding your sales and your customers, because this makes your marketing more effective. For this you need to identify the requirements of customer, and if you match their expectations you are the winner. Identifying customers for your business takes some efforts, because you cannot make a fairy fiction about your customers preferences. So to  construct your ideal customer you need to go through careful analysis of certain data, that includes their demography, age, religion and lifestyle.

How to identify your customer?

To start identifying your customer  you need to gather necessary information. It is important to gather a statistically significant amount of data. Following are the ways:

1. Analytic data: 

Data collected from your website with help of tools such as Google analytics helps you to learn about your customers. This helps to decide factors, like what are the things which will attract your customers, what kind of stuff will make them to visit your website and how easy can they find what they are looking for. All the data which is gathered from a specific period of time can bring you a correct customer database.

2. Customer survey:

Doing survey about your customer and product is an old tradition, from many years marketers are using this strategy. With this method you get personal to your customers and you get to know what a customer feels about your website or product. The results gathered from survey can be utilized in many ways, like you can build strategies for product promotions, your content strategy and most importantly sales.

3. Interviews:

Its also a part of survey where people are interviewed and asked questions by the interviewer. It is also like doing survey but the count in this method is very low, means it depends on the type of organization you are. With this technique you can ask your customers an in depth feedback about your product or organization, which really helps you to know whether your brand attracts customers or annoys them.


Once you have all the information, all you need is to divide them into categories according to your customer. You will find different different categories of customers and then act accordingly. Once you have developed your customer groups you will be able to utilize information in many ways. This includes using it to help you shape your inbound marketing strategy. Now when you will create content it will be designed to suit your customers and they will be delighted to have what they wanted. As a result your web traffic will increase, which will further convert into potential customers and then after sales.


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  • There are 3 comments

    • 5 years ago

      Vikalp Bharti   /   Reply

      Thanks Rahul for sharing your insights on the topic.Customers have always been the protagonists of every marketer’s research. By Customer groups, are you referring to the segmented audience? If yes, could you also share the different inbound marketing strategies we can use for these different groups. Are we just changing the content?

      • 5 years ago

        Rahul Singh   /   Reply

        Thank you Vikalp, appreciated your feedback. Sure i will share these strategies on my upcoming blogs.

    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      What do you mean by ‘So to construct your ideal customer’? Also, there is inadequate mention about different sources to understand the customers and their behaviour.

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