Union Diamond Used SEO To Secure Top 9 Ranks On Yahoo For Its 77 Keywords

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UIseLClrAbout Union Diamond

Union Diamond is a diamond jewelry store with extensive collection of diamond jewelry. It was founded by ‘Scott Anderson’ in the year 2001. It was a private-held company that started its first store in the historic vinings of city ‘Atlanta’, which is the capital city of Georgia, one among the states of the USA. Union Diamond offers an exclusive collection of diamond rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants for engagement, wedding and any other special occasions. Union Diamond started its wholesale diamond business as a diamond merchant by selling high quality and fine designed jewelry to jewelers in the US and other countries around the world. They have established relationships with diamond and fine jewelry manufactures around the world, having access to stunning jewelry at best prices. It provides a huge selection of diamond jewelry. Apart from these exclusive and elegant jewelry, they have creative and talented artisans who will create one-of-a-kind designs based on customer needs. In order to shop diamond jewelry in Union Diamond, you can browse their website online and can select the design by browsing the online catalogue provided in the website. Union Diamond was selected by Forbes Magazine’s “Best of the Web” under the category of luxury shopping. It has an inventory of 40,000 individual finely cut certified diamonds with price ranging between $300 to $500,000 and sometimes even exceeding up to $1 million. Union Diamond has a flagship store in Atlanta and an online store through which its roots are spreading around the world.

Challenge For Union Diamond

At the first phase, Union Diamond was running good at their business. They have developed good relationships with the diamond merchants over a decade after establishment. Later, they have expanded their business by connecting directly to customers through a website, launched in the year 2002. By launching the website, they started trading through online store, including jewelry catalogues and payment options through online. With the humble beginnings, they have gained world-wide attention and acted as a global market place providing huge collection of diamond jewelry along with top-notch customer service. Online jewelry shopping is increasing day-by-day, which is a good thing for Union Diamond online store. But they felt their website need some changes regarding content, dynamic categories of site, page categories included in the site and about website keywords used for detecting the site through search engines. Union Diamond has dynamic web pages which are difficult to access by search engines. They have included less content describing about the jewelry and types of diamonds which is to be replaced with brief description about the diamonds and jewelry, by modifying  the content of website.

Approach/Strategy Adopted By Union Diamond

Optimization of website with relevant keywords and content, designing the website with user-friendly nature to customers wad the main challenge for Union Diamond. With this challenge, they have approached ‘eBrandz’, which was a professional SEO company. It was founded by ‘Milind Modi’ in the year 2003. This company helps the clients in increasing web traffic and sales by optimizing the website using SEO techniques.

The first thing that eBrandz made was creation of landing pages for major products available on website. They have created them in HTML so that search engines can easily access this website. Thereafter, eBrandz asked Union Diamond about the content to be placed on these product pages. With addition of content to the product pages, helped them to enhance website rankings. eBrandz has helped Union Diamond as like a personal SEO department and increased its sales and web traffic towards the site.

Results Obtained By Union Diamond

After complete optimization of website’s design and content by eBrandz using SEO tools and techniques, it was found that web traffic is constantly raising towards the site. Within a span of 2-3 months, there was a clear indication showing SEO kicked into gear in developing the web traffic towards Union Diamond website. continuous searching about website by the customers increased web traffic and improved its ranking. Top rankings in search engines helped Union Diamond in increasing its business world-wide. Within a less time span, it has achieved following results:

  • Union Diamond has achieved high ranking in search engine rankings.
  • Union Diamond has secured top 9 ranks on Yahoo for its 77 keywords which was really a great achievement.
  • In 2008, it has marked milestone with first million dollar customer with an order of $390,000.
  • It has broken quarter million mark in online pendant sale which was up to $250,000.
  • It was recognized as one among the largest online luxury stores.
  • Recently, on August 16th, 2013, Union Diamond has announced the expansion of its flagship Atlanta showroom which shows their business achievement.Untitled


seo3Today every field is an evolving medium. In business field, new entrepreneurs or companies are evolving with in no time. It is obvious that your company should be unique from others in this competitive field to obtain best profits. Union Diamond is the best example which shows the need to maintain unique quality from other diamond jewelry merchants to obtain best profits around the world. There are many diamond jewelry merchants that have been established after the establishment of Union Diamond. If Union Diamond had not maintained its uniqueness till today, it would have been one among the jewelers. This became possible by using SEO techniques which achieved the goals of Union Diamond. Without optimization, Union Diamond website would be one among the million sites which may lose prominence day-by-day with the newly evolving companies. SEO technique has brought remarkable change in business profits of Union Diamond. Today it is recognizable in world-wide market and famous as a diamond supplier of elegant and different kind of diamonds. It has increased its business by providing designer one-kind-no-where jewelry with its expert artisans. With this push back given by SEO, Union Diamond is leading as one of the largest diamond jewelry merchants throughout the world.

Scott Anderson, founder of Union Diamond was very happy about the achievements obtained by them in the field of diamond jewelry. He says that this became possible due SEO strategy obtained by eBrandz for their website which increased the website visibility and is responsible to achieve top 9 ranks on Yahoo for its 77 keywords.

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  1. Aparna

    An interesting case study. Websites becomes the first stop for a customer when they come looking for products. The product can be anything. Union Diamond’s flourishing business needed the right strategy to bank in more visitors. Optimising the contents, images, landing pages etc on their website stirred the business which helped them to achieve their objectives.


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