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Upgrade Your Digital Marketing Strategy Using Neuroscience-Webinar Recording

Upgrade Your Digital Marketing Strategy Using Neuroscience-Webinar Recording

Digital Marketing is majorly depended on predictions. What will be the new Digital Marketing trends? What are the most profitable Digital Marketing strategies? Where should Digital Marketers focus?

Without any doubt, these things are important but there is another deeper insight which should also be taken into consideration while formulating a Digital Marketing strategy. and that is neuroscience or the psychology of the consumer behaves. Neuromarketing is a new field of marketing that studies the brain’s responses to marketing stimuli.

To provide you with detailed & valuable insights on how to “Upgrade your Digital Marketing Strategy using Neuroscience”, we had with us Ram Jalan, Chief Marketing Officer at Omaxe Limited.

Ram is a recognized growth hacker who specializes in Brand Management, Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Content Marketing, Marketing Automation, Web Analytics, SEO, SEM, PPC, Email marketing, Programmatic, Affiliate marketing.

Key Takeaways:

1. What is neuromarketing all about?

2. Emotions, Feeling, Wanting and Liking – how does it impact buying behaviour.

3. What does Neuromarketing say about the difference in behaviour – towards Print and Digital advertising?

4. Few Case-Studies on neuromarketing implementations.

These were some of the highlights of the session. To get in-depth details of “Upgrade your Digital Marketing Strategy using Neuroscience”, access the webinar recording.

Hopefully, this webinar was valuable and added to your knowledge. Moreover, if you are looking forward to Digital Marketing for Business & Career Growth, join our free Digital Marketing Orientation session.

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