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Use Buffer Tool To Schedule Social Media Posts

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buCan you be active on social media platforms without being online all day? Yes, you can. To accomplish this, a smart strategy is required to balance live posting as well as scheduling posts throughout the day. The tool that makes it possible is Buffer App. It makes sharing content easy and fast. Furthermore, you can use it on all your devices.

What Is Buffer?

Buffer is an application which schedules your social media updates to save your time. You can select content to be shared via your Buffer account and the app posts for you at the specified times. This enables you to consistently and conveniently share new content without manually creating posts for all social media channels. Buffer allows you to easily share pictures, links and videos with your friends and followers across all your social networks. It lets you upload content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and on your mobile phone or computer. It provides custom scheduling, on-the-go management, multiple account management, analytics and insights and team member access. Social media tools have become necessary to save time.  Moreover, such helpful tools make social media management effortless. Who wouldn’t want to share rich content with their followers in a single click?


How to Use the Buffer App Correctly?

 Here are some basic use tips you should keep in mind while using Buffer.

Do not schedule regular posts with Buffer. If you wish to ask a question, comment on something, reply to someone or share something in the moment, do not use Buffer. This is because people know about Buffer, the fact that it is a scheduling application and hence, are aware that you are not actually present. Automation can be beneficial but too much of it takes away the personal touch that matters on social media platforms. After all, the first rule of social media marketing is to behave like a real person.

Use Buffer for content that you create from other sources along with the content that you have written on your own. The primary objective to use Buffer is to schedule content that you create for your target audience. For example, if you read a lot of posts on a particular topic, you wouldn’t want to bombard your audience with all the articles you just read simultaneously. Therefore, you should Buffer those articles to evenly spread them out and effectively reach out to a large number of people. Sharing your content is the main motive behind using Buffer.

Do not use Buffer to post on Facebook. For that matter, don’t use any other application either. This is because Facebook penalizes any kind of content that is shared from third party applications. It implies that less of your content is likely to reach your readers. Facebook users are very true to the source and like to see your presence on Facebook.

How to Leverage Buffer?

Customize Your Posting Schedule on Buffer

buff sched

If you are not sure of when your followers would be online, use a tool like Tweriod to analyze the optimal time to tweet or post content for your business. After you have a fair idea of the best times to post on different social media platforms, make a customized schedule in your account for posting. Buffer will automatically share your content at the designated times on days you specify. It is recommended to use this function for LinkedIn, Twitter and Google +. In lieu of using Buffer to schedule posts on Facebook, it is better to upload posts directly so as to maximize your reach to the current and potential audience.

Integrate With Web Browser

Installing browser extension of Buffer on Chrome or any other web browser makes it relatively easier to share content irrespective of the website you’re accessing. To do this, go to the ‘Extras’ page on Buffer, search for the browser you use and install the ‘add on’. Now, you can click on the Buffer icon located in your browser’s toolbar to share posts on any site. After a post is completed, you can select to shorten its URL to add photos, track, manually select the posting time, or just schedule it to your Buffer account for automatic posting.

Use It with Other Apps

buff apps

There is a great selection of web extensions and applications on the Buffer ‘Extras’ page to explore, understand and test. One effective way to use Buffer is to post via Feedly. It curates information from websites and blogs to facilitate reading and sharing. Furthermore, you can sort content by the categories you select. Adding the Feedly application to your Buffer account will allow you to click only once to share content from the application on Buffer.

Highlight Text on a Page to Easily Share Quotes

buff high

Share the portion you find the most relevant and important in an article/post by highlighting that section of the text before sharing it on Buffer. It will draft a social media update for the portion you highlighted so that you don’t need to type it out. It may seem unnecessary and insignificant right now but when you consistently share new content, time is of the utmost essence!


Buffer is an effective and efficient tool to share content on various social media platforms with just a single click and especially, because you can even do so by staying offline. Its custom scheduler, multiple account management functions and link tracking have revamped the way a lot of companies interact with their followers. It is a new social media tool that saves time and packs a punch. However, do not overuse it otherwise your followers will lose out on your personal touch. Leverage it wisely and you will not have to worry about sharing content consistently and quickly.

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