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Use Followerwonk & Solve your Recruitment Queries

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After the development of Digital Marketing in 21st century, a number of tool have been developed for boosting up the performance of Digital Marketing. As you can see, lots of tools are flowing over the Internet it becomes really difficult for a person to select the right kind of tool for right purpose. A sum of people don’t even know about the existence of such tool and those are the ones who are struggling to find their visitors in there website. Followerwonk is one such tool which is use for analyzing the performance of your followers in Twitter.

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Followerwonk and its uses

Followerwonk is basically an analytics tool which is used in Twitter in order to analyze the reach and performance of your followers in Twitter both individually and as a whole. Followerwonk also helps to optimize all the tweets of your followers or following or any random category of person over the Twitter platform. When it comes for the real time search option, Twitter stands out at the top. Twitter is the only platform that gives you a chance to message anyone, with a great easy without any restriction.  This shows Twitter can actually help you to get a large number of people to be you audience for the information that you are sharing with. Followerwonk uses this feature to help you reach out to all those target of yours after an insight analysis.

In 2012, (SaaS) the Software as a Service Group acquired Followerwonk. For sourcing this tool a have proved its great essence.

Essence of Followerwonk?

The real time search feature of Twitter is best used by Followerwonk. It comes in paid and free version. Followerwonk can provide you an easy user inference to perform multiple analysis of your twitter account. Mostly people go for the free version as it will provide almost all the important features for common use. Here are some of the features of that the free version of the Followerwonk provides:

  1. Feature to find the location of your twitter account follows and followers and also provides an advance search mechanism for twitter bios.
  2. Makes it possible to compare twitter accounts of different user with your account.
  3. Easy analysis and targeting of follows and followers of your account.
  4. Graphical representation of your social connection.
  5. The only thing that you may not like is the results page will show just 50 whereas paid version will show you 100.
  6. Provides a feature to schedule tweets by their respective time zone.

If you are a person trying to help in the growth of your brand or interested in advanced features of Followerwonk you may try its subscribed version. The paid version of Followerwonk tool comes with few more features like:

  1. Total detail of the personal info can be searched individually when you pay.
  2. Better target tracking feature.
  3. Provision of rich engagement metrics of your targets about the frequency of their tweets.
  4. Paid version help you to download results in pdf or excel formats as well.
  5. Special data access is provided in this version.
  6. You will also be able to manage multiple twitter accounts.
  7. Quick response to follow or unfollow without happening to leave the page.

Who needs Followerwonk?

The essence of man power in the company is well known. It’s a tough task to find a right employee for an organization. The recruiter must see something in the employee that values the institution. This kind of work can be made easier by the use of the Twitter analytics tool Followerwonk. Followerwonk have proved to be of great use for the recruiter as it can target a large number of people on the basis of their interest and personal info and help a recruiter to compare them by graphical analysis.

‘Search Twitter bios’


The ‘Search Twitter Bios’ tab helps to analyze your targets on the basis of their demographics. A recruiter will find it really helpful when they need to recruit people from particular location. This feature of Follower can also provide total detail of the profiles of all those persons from the particular region. Recruit can make use of it in comparing their targets on the basis of their demographic interest.

‘Compare users’


The tab ‘Compare users’ can compare profiles of individuals or a group of individuals. And this feature is available at free of cost for all. You can see the number of users who you are following and number of users who are not following you back. Paid version of this feature can also helo you to compare the social presence of your targets.

‘Analyze followers’


 ‘Analyze followers’ tab helps to check the followers and following individuals of your Twitter account by their names. This individuals can be searched according to their number of twits and rewets, their presence and number of followers in twitter. This feature also allows to schedule tweets and messages according to the time zone of your targets.

‘Word cloud’

‘Word Cloud’ tab can be found under ‘Analyze followers’ Tab. This feature can give you real time metrics of all the discussion of your followers and number of time your name was used. This helps you to decide the factors in your account that influence the number of followers.


As a whole we can see that, Followerwonk is an excellent tool to collect data of different individuals using twitter. Followerwonk help to analysis can see the real nature and potential of a number of individuals. For a recruiter it is very necessary to thoroughly jugde their all the participants of a recruitment process to get best employees. For them Followerwonk can be the Magic Wand!

Image Credits: webcontentblog, d1avok0lzls2w.cloudfront, linkbuildingoffice

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