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Use Followerwonk & Solve Your Recruitment Query

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Over the years, after the development of digital marketing lot many analyzing tools have come and gone. It’s really hard to select the right kind of tool which assist you better to perform your task. Even though the abundant existence of such tools for social media analysis there are lot many people who have less knowledge about their existence and use. One such tools is Followerwonk- a twitter analytics tool.

What is Followerwonk?

Followerwonk is a twitter analytics tool to find, analyze and optimize tweets of your targeted audience. As we know, twitter is one of the best social media platform to target the right kind of people. Twitter gives us wide opportunities to engage with anyone and reach out to the people and their interest in a real time basis. This all have been made possible for the feature of real time search provided by twitter. Followerwonk takes advantage of this feature in twitter to provide details of the tweets of anyone that you are interested in.

Followerwonk was acquired by a software as a service (SaaS) company named Moz in 2012. Followerwonk have not only proved to be helpful for sourcing but also very helpful in analyzing your competitors as well.

Why Followerwonk?

Followerwonk provides you various features to engage and track your targets in twitter in real time basis. It is available in both free and paid version. It provides easy platform to perform complicated tasks. For an average user, free version of the tool is enough to help in a great way. Free version of the Followerwonk tool comes with facilities of

  1. Advance search twitter bios, location of the follows and followers.
  2. It helps you to compare anyone who has a twitter account
  3. As per as your interest you can target and analyze followers or follows.
  4. It also gives you a complete overlay of your social graph.
  5. However the results per page will be just 50 whereas paid version will provide you 100 search results per page.
  6. It also helps to schedule the tweets according to time zone.

If you are a person trying to help in the growth of your brand or interested in advanced features of Followerwonk, you may try its subscribed version. The paid version of follower app provides you with few more additional features like

  1. Option to search by the personal info of individuals like relationship status.
  2. You will be able to track your targets.
  3. Rich engagement metrics can be obtained for the targets about how often they retweet.
  4. Feature to download your interested results in CSV or Excel formats.
  5. You will even get a unique option to unlock special data.
  6. The option to change between your twitter accounts will also be provided.
  7. It will also provide the facility of quickly following or unfollowing without happening to leave the page again and again.

Who must use Followerwonk?

Followerwonk is a great tool for the recruiter or manage recruiter or a company HR or if you are into marketing, to target right kind of person for the recruitment process. If you are looking for an app or tool which can give a thorough analysis of the followers or follows in your twitter account, Followerwonk will never disappoint you.

Search Twitter bios

Suppose you are a recruiter who would like to recruit people from a particular location, you can make use of the free option provided in the ‘Search Twitter bios’ Tab in Followerwonk analyzing tool. You will not only be able to see the total details of the profiles of those person who are from that region that you have searched for, but also will be able to analysis them by filtering according to their personal info like their relationship status, recent tweets, interest, education etc. This which surely prove to be of much help when u can find all those people with a single in click in one page and reach out to them by your scheduled tweets in a real time basis.

Compare users

Now, the next thing you can do as a marketer or a recruiter is to compare the users. This option of comparing users is also provided in the ‘Compare users’ Tab, and yes, that too is free of cost for sure. You can just type the name of as many people as you want a compare them by their followers or follows. This will give you a rough idea of how influential your targets are. You can even check out your own followers profile and the list of persons who are not following you back and, if you are paid user, you will even be able to check their individual social authority.

Analyze followers

There is also an option of ‘Analyze followers’ Tab to analysis the followers just by typing the name of the person you are interested in and analyze according to their recent tweets, contacts, active days, retweets and url tweets. You can even check the locations of the followers in the world map and number of people from each location. Now this is a great option when you can see the time zones of the people and know what to and when to tweet accordingly. There is also a free option to schedule your tweets and number of times it should repeat.

Word cloud

The word cloud option which is provided under the ‘Analyze followers’ Tab, is of great help, as you can get the real time metrics of what your followers are discussing at the moment. This will let you know what to tweet to get the attention of your followers.

Followerwonk will surely prove to be one of the best experience of twitter analytics tool you have ever had. You can find excellent reviews of this tool. Try it for free.

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