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Use Google Plus (G+) To Get Page One Rankings

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2Engaging in content marketing is a very interesting and mandatory activity that all marketers need to get into. For doing the same, Google has provided a social site called Google Plus which can be used for effectively marketing one’s business. It helps bloggers and online marketers to get additional traffic to their website and increase the visibility of their content using this social media platform.

Another important feature of this platform is Google Authorship. With the help of this feature, the blogs can be linked to the Google Plus profile. This helps in making the post prominent and stand out in search engine outputs and also helps in increasing the click through rates significantly. This is possible as it displays your picture next to the post in search results. Basically, when people get to see the author of a post, the CTRs increase by as much as 150%. Google authorship also shows how popular the author is on social media. This helps in further increasing the CTRs and getting more conversions.

Any content marketer will substantiate this fact that ranking on page one in Google search result is one of the most difficult tasks for any marketer. This is where Google Plus provides its support helping the marketer to get on page 1, irrespective of the quality of the content. Using Google Plus, one can get to page 1 of the search results in a very short span of time with the help of Google Plus post.

This is achieved by using targeted keywords that you attempt to rank for and post the same on the Google plus profile. A link to this piece of content needs to be put on the profile. All the Google Plus followers and others who are present in your circles will be able to see this post on Google Plus and also in search results when the targeted keywords, used in the post are typed in searches. Very good results are seen if one makes regular and consistent posts on Google plus using the keywords which the target audience would use to make a search and thereby result in increase of traffic. It has been proven umpteen number of times that with a good following, Google Plus is one of the fastest ways to achieve top ranking for keywords on page one.

3Increasing One’s Google Plus Following

By now it is very clear that to maximize the performance of top ranking, one need to have as much following as possible on Google Plus. It should be possible to create a mini search engine with the help of Google Plus profile which will enable all followers of the profile to see what has been posted when they search for the keywords used in the post. The attempt should be to focus on building a following comprising of target audience who would share the same business interest as you do. Hence, the main task to be taken care of here is to get marketers and business men to follow you. Some of the ways in which this can be done are as follows:

Follow Method

A very simple way to attract more followers is to follow them. That is, finding your competitors in the industry and follow their fans. It is quite likely that a good percentage of these fans will follow you back. Here, it is important to ensure that you follow only those followers who are also following you. Hence, it is important that there are no wasted contacts that you are following. It is recommended to do this cleaning activity of unfollowing the wasted followers at least once a week from the circles. There are various free and paid tools available for doing this activity. It is crucial to have only those followers in your circle who are interested in your business and posts.


Using hashtags in your daily posts is yet another simple way to increase your Google Plus presence. The higher the popularity of the hashtags used, the greater will be the visibility of your content to people. Hashtags are tags which are used to categorize the posts and the content it contains. When people are looking to read on certain topics, they use these tags to search for the content and the search engine brings them to the posts. Hence, it is important to use atleast 5 to 10 hashtags for each post posted on Google Plus to get more and more viewers to see your content.

Use Of Media

Another simple way to increase your Google following and get more traffic from posts is to include a video or picture in the post. It increases the chance of people noticing the post on social media. A post containing just text is not as visible as one which contains a video or picture. Media in the form of video or pictures helps to draw the attention of the people. They have higher capability to entertain people wanting to read the post. This increases the amount of traffic landing on your website.

In a nut shell, Google Plus, which is currently not the most popular or sought after social media platform as yet, however, it definitely has the potential to be one. It can become one of the most important platforms for a content marketer.

Here, it is very important to have a good Google Plus profile, which is key to have a strong impact for the visibility of your content and featuring it on page 1 of search results. Most importantly, the post should contain a link to what the reader should be doing after reading the post, which is, either taken to a website, or some such next step. With Google Plus, one can increase one’s following, post on a regular basis, connect with blogs with this see a huge impact on your CTR. It can be used for effectively marketing one’s business. It helps bloggers and online marketers to get additional traffic to their website and increase the visibility of their content using this social media platform.

Image Credit: Business2community, econsultancy, abovethelaw

Final Thoughts

With the rapid popularity of Digital Marketing, a majority of advertisers and marketers have already chosen the digital path. Well, ranking higher on the SERP is one of the main objectives of businesses. Search Engine Optimization, an important Digital Marketing strategy caters to this particular need.

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