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Use Hootsuite To Optimize Sales Communication

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You must be using various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and may be Facebook to generate leads and keep the business going. Are you able to manage all by yourself or you feel the need for an assistance that can smoothen up the process a bit and speed up the process of gaining the returns from the same? Hootsuite is an important inbound marketing tool used by the businesses today and here are some useful tricks to use it optimally in your campaign.

The first one to start with is LinkedIn where the professionals interact with each other for the advancement of their career or other intention such as business promotion. The people who are present at LinkedIn are highly educated with higher average income and professional in their conduct as this is not just a social media site but the one that is meant for the people who are interested to build business relationships. Hootsuite gives you a 360 degrees view of your prospects. You would agree to the fact that the social selling is the augmentation of the usual sales routine followed by the business. The people on LinkedIn do not give direct hints about their likes and dislikes regarding a product and hence there is a need to be extra vigilant about what kind of discussions they participate in or what groups find them as a member. The interaction need to be followed and understood in order to promote a particular product.

Now let us learn how Hootsuite can find its place in the picture. Hootsuite, a powerful prospecting tool can be used to create a dashboard, find the prospects, connect with them, discover content and also do some measuring which is important as well. Here are 4 streams that can be added in a dashboard and perform better on various social media platforms.

  1. The ability to find your buyers at Hootsuite and you can do it by role, name or company for that matter. If you look at the Hootsuite dashboard, on the top right hand corner of the dashboard there will be a bar where a keyword can be typed in and searched for. This keyword will bring in many names in the search result showing us all the Twitter buyers having the keyword in their name. Just click on any of them which you want to know about and the details will be right in front of you. The information regarding the work place or the similar kind can be extracted in addition to the stuff like what tweets has he liked or interacted with. This is possible with an option available at the dashboard.
  2. The second thing that is important in a dashboard is a giant grey area which is meant for listening and monitoring. One can observe the buyers, prospects, influencers, customers and even competitors for that matter.
  3. Publisher’s box is the third important thing to look at in a Hootsuite dashboard. The posts can be scheduled easily from this box throughout the day and make sure that the process is as efficient as possible.
  4. The menu that is placed at the left hand corner of the dashboard contains important titles to choose from in order to manage the task.

An interesting thing to do in order to find the buyers is to set up an advanced search. For example- a business is offering sales training for a sales consultancy. One thing I would do is to set a search to find people talking about that specific topic. When a topic is searched for the results that appear are the people who are talking about the topic. This is applicable for all the industries and is not confined to just one specific one. A piece of good news is that the results can be filtered down so as to choose the most relevant ones. This helps in knowing who is influential in this particular search.

The results that are obtained will include a vast variety of talks i.e. people may be talking about the topic with different needs in mind. How to determine the most useful one for us as per a specific criterion? To slice down the discussion, search can be done for a geographical location. Just choose the option from the Google map and cut down the search for a particular latitude and longitude. This is called geo-coding of the search. This is really helpful in collecting the data about the people who are talking about the topic in a confined area say within 5 kilometers from the company and higher chances of serving them due to convenience.

In the event of a conference where you need to present the product and you do not know anything about the attendees, one thing you can do is to search for a hashtag on the dashboard. This hashtag with the proper keyword will bring in the people who are discussing about the conference and their details can also be seen there. Then one can jump in the discussion when it is most relevant to do so or simply add the important people in the list that can be kept private or public according to the demand of the situation. It is often kept private in case of competitors and prospects. This search on the Hootsuite dashboard will help anyone getting prepared for the conference with great ease. This search is one of the best ways to connect with the buyers.

There are many other ways in which a Hootsuite dashboard can prove to be helpful to a serious business person. This blog highlighted some functional aspects of Hootsuite and how one can leverage them for the business growth. Hootsuite can be used not just to manage the data on the dynamic social media platform such as Twitter only but it is a tool that can be put to use for managing the business activities on other platforms as well with same level of success. So, do not neglect Hootsuite any more and adopt it as a business ally rather than an assistant only.

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