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Use iSpionage Tool & Determine Your Competitors PPC Keywords

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The success of a PPC campaign or paid Marketing campaign depends upon finding the right combination of keyword, ad copy and ad position while also finding the correct audience and targeting them at the appropriate time. Next, comes launching those campaigns with the researched keywords. The goal of this phase is to get a sense of which keywords have potential and which are having a negative impact on the final product. The final, and ongoing phase is optimizing the campaign, and via this ongoing process the organization can assess and evaluate the future direction of the campaign. One needs to have a ‘marathon’ kind of mindset rather than a ‘one-off sprint one’, as the PPC manager needs to stay updated and know the ongoing trends of his domain.

There are plenty of tools out in the market which can help a manager to accomplish the above mentioned objectives. One such tool is the iSpionage Keyword planner.

iSpionage is a popular and an effective keyword research, ad copy research and competitive analysis research tool that focuses on helping both agencies and small and medium businesses as well as large corporate entities.
iSpionage understands how difficult it is to keep up with the changing world of search engine marketing and other PPC formats, so they have built an algorithm  to help agencies stay ahead of the curve. With iSpionage, you can easily conduct initial keyword research, evaluate competitor data, get updates on industry changes, and plenty more.

Keywords Effectiveness Index

Ispionage works on the a model known as Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI). KEI is based on many factors including the number of days the ad has been seen, the last time the ad has been clicked upon, and the average position for the keyword in the Search Engine Index. ISpionage recommends that keywords with a KEI score of 80 or higher are keyword opportunities one should analyze and evaluate.

Features of iSpionage Keyword Tool

The iSpionage keyword research tool has two distinct features:

*  Relevant keywords generator – to generate keywords that are relevant to your existing keywords
*  Competitors’ keywords finder – to let you know which keywords your competitors are using.

1.) Relevant Keywords Generator : One of the main challenges of running AdWords campaigns is to come up with a list of relevant, long-tail keywords for your domain.
iSpionage’s “Relevant keyword generator” recognizes and organizes your keywords related to your domain and recommends ONLY the most relevant keyword in relation to your original keyword details.

2.) Competitors’ Keywords Finder : Today, iSpionage scans over 8 Million keywords used by more than 4 Million advertisers across different domains. So in order to better understand the competition this iSpionage tool is a very effective attraction to track down the competitiors needs and requirements. The manager can sort the results by search engine to see which keywords the advertiser or competitor uses in Google, Yahoo and MSN.
By studying them in a detailed manner, once can have a blueprint of the competitor’s profitable campaign that PPC manager can adapt to his/her campaign.

3.) Keyword Monitor :You can monitor organic and PPC keywords inside of this tool. The maximum the manager can track is 250 so it’s not going to be a replacement for your day to day rank checking services.

The usefulness of the above feature is given below:

* Tracking in Google, Bing, and Yahoo! for the top 100 results
* Add alerts if a site that is advertising on your tracked keyword(s) show up on any or all of the 3 search engines mentioned above


iSpionage has 3 plans with pricing set for monthly and 6 month plans. The plans are:

1.) Silver – 1k SEO/PPC/Social Mention reports daily, 10k rows exportable per day, 3 competitor alers, no monitoring and no white-labeling, no keyword list sorting tools. Pricing : 59 $ per month and 299 $ per month
2.) Gold – 3k SEO/PPC/Social Mention reports daily, 50k rows exportable per day, 10 competitor alers, access to white labeling, monitoring (125 keywords), and keyword sorting tools. Pricing : 89$ per month and 359 $ for 6 months.
3.) Pro – Unlimited SEO/PPC/Social Mention reports daily, 100k rows exportable per day, 20 competitor alers, access to white labeling, monitoring (250 keywords), and keyword sorting tools. Pricing : $129 per month, $449 for 6 months.


* One of the best competitive analysis and research tools in the market for new and upcoming PPC managers
* Ability to easily track and monitor client search results used by them for their Ad Campaigns on various Search Engines
* Ability to benchmark your Ad Campaigns success against the top competitors in your domain via a well established and easy to use tool.
* Customized Reporting Tools such as Keyword Monitor,  Relevant Keywords Generator, etc
* Access to competitor alerts, so your clients don’t ever fall behind and stay updated on the latest trends of the market


This tool is fantastic for assessing the competition and their ad campaigns online. The ability to go in and find out exactly what your competition is up to gives you an almost unfair advantage. Whether the manager works for an agency or running his/her own PPC/organic campaign at home on a small budget, iSpionage will give your business the tools to enhance your Return On Investment(ROI) and depending upon your budget you will be able to cope-up with the largest of organizations and secure your own space in your niche or domain.

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