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Use Of Pinterest For Bloggers

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Pinterest is a wonderful tool for bloggers. It’s full of demographic audience and the audience is increasing rapidly every day, so it is the perfect tool to bring traffic for bloggers & people love to see visual posts more than texts so it’s quite unique & popular more than other social media.

So the question is How to Get Started with Pinterest? What’s the Use of Pinterest for Bloggers  How to build relationships with Likeminded people, who like your stuff, creating exposure for your blog posts & building trust of your brand.

First of all, you need is to have a business Pinterest account. Set up as a brand or business and must have a Profile Picture & a nice description over your account.

And don’t forget to link your Social Account (Twitter) that Pinterest allows you to link to.

  1. Build boards that make sense

Building interesting & impressive boards are the key to success on Pinterest. So you must need to build boards that make sense. Start with 10-15 boards, not too many because it’s not just building boards, U have to fill them with the interesting stuff to attract your audience. So choose boards carefully & that make sense as per your brand or business. Like if your blog is about social media marketing, so you can give tips to social media marketing, Facebook marketing etc. or if your blog is about Cars so you can give Car reviews & upcoming cars and top 10 cars of the year & their specifications etc. but make a separate board for each of the category so that your audience find it neat & clean.

Another thing you must do is write a nice description for your every post & also on board. This includes what’s your post or blog is all about & include keywords so that it becomes searchable on Pinterest. Also, sometimes you must post something actually not related to your business but more of a hobby or lifestyle or a passion thing that you feel your audience would love to read, this may be about Lifestyle or tourism or Sports or anything you like or you feel suitable for your audience.

  1. Fill your boards with truly high-quality pins

People love quality. They love HD Images, Visual Graphics, Quality Content and that’s all attract them. So you must focus on the quality of your images & content and Fill you boards with truly high-quality pins. For this, you can use Photoshop or any other photo-editing tool that allows you editing & downloading high-quality images or you can hire a graphics designer too.

You can also try this amazing website as it is a very nice website that enables to use high-quality picture editing tool which allows us to create, edit & download images you want.

This is the Canva design page, you can choose any of the predefined dimensions from these categories or you can also use your custom dimension. But I prefer the predefined Pinterest Graphic for my Pinterest posts or any size near around 800×1200 pixels.

So create an attractive image for your pins along with some graphics related to your blog and some description over the image to make it appealing.

How can you determine whether someone else’s pin is quality or not?

For me, a quality pin consist of a HD Image with appealing visual graphics & attractive keywords describing what’s in it for me & it must have a quality content. Like if you have Pinned an image about 10 upcoming cars in 2015, so when someone clicks on that, it should actually be written on the same subject and the content should be rich & interesting and Plagiarism free.

  1. Research what influencers in your space are pinning and doing

Check what others are doing & pinning and how their pins are so popular. Learn from them, research a bit about your audience, what do they like & what kind of posts get more pins etc.

Like if we see byRegina, she has got 8,917 followers & having 21 boards and 489 pins. So we can learn more from byRegina or anyone you have been watching or top pinners you follow. Must learn from them.

  1. Develop a strategy

First of all you must know why are you on Pinterest & then make it a priority by the list of your tasks and make a sound strategy, if you are there to promote your blog then work on that.

Post a quality content & check the analytics, use different timing and see which is the perfect time for your posts & what kind of posts get more pins, so when you can have a better strategy to make it better & more successful.

  1. Get your site ready

The 5 key places by which you can get your site ready.

  1. Add a custom Pin it button on your image.
  2. Include or add your Pinterest Board in your blogs.
  3. Encourage your audience to pin this stuff by appealing them in your Posts like may be at the bottom you can write Like it? Pin it… or something like that.
  4. Build a Social Proof where people can see how many shares this post got on Facebook, twitter, whatsapp, g+ etc.
  5. Have your Pin Board in your Side Bar
  1. Review your Site

Must review your site time to time, check what people are pinning from your posts & to do that go to & you can see who’s pinning your stuff and which posts of you are most popular or least popular to them. It helps in knowing your audience & also it helps in knowing what kind of posts they like so you can make it better.

Go to the and you can know more about your posts & pins. About your Audience, you activities from your site & how people are interacting with your Pinterest profile. Also check the notifications about what people are pinning etc. by the Pin button on the top right.

Engagement is the key to success on any kind of social channel & so on Pinterest. So to engage & interact with your audience, check their profiles who are following you or pinning your posts and then you can make a Greetings comment or Thanks or you can follow them & pinning-re-pinning their posts, Liking their posts, tag them in their posts you are pinning etc.

Image Credits: byRegina

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