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Use Of Psychographics In Marketing

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Psychographics is the study of values, personality, attitude, lifestyles and interest. Psychographic factors are also called IAO variables because it works in areas of interests, activities and opinions. Psychographics studies is valuable for marketing, social research, demographics and opinion research. But people should not confuse psychographics with demographics. Demographics basically includes age, gender, marital status i.e. the dry facts while psychographics includes hobbies, habits and values. Demographics explains who the buyer is while psychographics include why the buyer buys thing.

One can reach the target audience when they understand both the psychographics and demographics of the audience. So amalgamation of both begins to form buyer Performa. It becomes easy to have all information about the people who are working and others who want to work with the company in future.

But a question arises here that how to obtain a psychographic. Listed below are two methods to acquire a psychographic.

  • By interviewing existing clients

Talk to clients about what she did over the weekend, whether she’s been to shopping lately, made any new year resolution, etc. By asking such questions one can find out what the client doer for having fun, what all motivates her and about her personal goals.

One can even a send a customer survey by telling them that all this is for understanding them in a better way. Most people are more than happy to share.

  • By Investigating website analytics

One should prefer a more behind the scene kind of investigation. Go through all the previous special offers and existing site content and then find out what has encouraged people to buy, call or click in the past. It is an extremely effective method.

How to use psychographics in marketing?

Once understood what a customer wants then it is known how the customer gets motivated, where to find her and give her whatever she wants. But giving her deep discounts will not move her in any way. After knowing her interest you can counsel her and can give her tips to improve in her area of interest. Addition of psychographics into demographics data significantly improves the effectiveness of marketing and sales efforts.

Psychographic segmentation also known as behavioral segmenting, splits the market into groups based on not so visible characteristics that are attitudes, lifestyles, expectations and activities of your target market. Some of the major psychographic segmentation are:

  • Hobbies, interests and attitudes
  • Occasions
  • Degree of loyalty
  • Lifestyle
  • Usage

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