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Use Proper YouTube Video Titles For Better SEO Rankings

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We all know that Google is the number one search engine on the planet. Daily millions of searches are done in Google. After Google, YouTube is the second biggest search engine. The interesting fact about YouTube is 35 hours of video are uploaded every minute on the YouTube. There are various types of videos like educational, tips, entertainment, brand information  are  uploaded  on it.  Just uploading videos is not enough. It should be high in quality and uniqueness to get the number of views. As we all know, to get the traffic towards website, content should be unique, high in quality and should have well ranking SEO. Title, SEO, meta description plays an important role while driving traffic towards a website. Similarly, for the success of YouTube video it should be SEO optimized. It has its own algorithm for ranking. Apart from this one of the important factor that plays important role in ranking of video is view time. If the user starts watching your video and quits in a few seconds, then the ranking of your video goes down. Let’s look around some interesting tips which can improve your YouTube video ranking.

1) Write Eyecatchy Title of the Video

Yes, this is first and most important factor which can directly affect the popularity of your video. The title is the name of your video by which all the world can know that what is inside the video and what is the topic. One thing you should always keep in mind that the title should be attractive, eye catching, matching to your content and user friendly to the viewer and also to YouTube SEO algorithm. Here are two tips for selecting a proper video title.

a) download (9)While selecting the title of the video you can take benefit form the Google’s auto complete feature. If you think that people will search on Google about your video topic, then you can use the auto complete feature. Suppose your video is about making cheese process. Here, you can notice that I just typed making cheese in the search box and google is suggesting me to check all these lists. These are the most searched queries for the keyword “making cheese”. Well, I guess you are smart enough to understand what I am trying to say. You can select any one of the title among the list to get better ranking in SEO.

b) download (10)Like Google you can apply the same technique to YouTube search. If you think people can search our video on YouTube then go ahead with the YouTube auto complete feature.

2) Write proper Description of Video

Description1Description is the brief information about your video content. These are the first 2-3 lines, but it matters a lot in search engine ranking. Here, you also can take the advantage of an auto complete feature on Google and YouTube. You just embed keyword and phrase which are appearing in the search list to your description. It is observed that description containing keyword in the first two lines gets higher ranking than other videos. So, write description in such a way that it should perfectly describe the video topic and having an SEO friendly as well. Here you can check the keyword is present in the description.

 3) Give the appropriate name to Video before upload

Suppose you have created and updated video and uploaded on YouTube. While will this make sure that you rename your video with proper heading. It is good practice to rename your video considering your focus keyword. It actually tells the search engine what is inside in the video. The search engine doesn’t check inside the video, by using a filename search algorithm will come to know about your video. It is best to keep the video file name as your video title, which helps search engine to easily index video and it gets higher ranking. So write your video file name using targeted keyword.

4) Write proper tags and keywords research for YouTube video

Apart from the title and description these are some important factors which can directly affect your SEO ranking. Here are some tips for writing tags.

  • First write your main focus keyword. This will put weight in the algorithm.
  • Now, secondly write matching and general keyword. Say suppose your main keyword is YouTube Video, then general tags can be SEO for YouTube videos, Title for videos, etc.
  • Often people make mistake when they type a keyword in the search box. Yes, you can take the benefit from this as well. You can include misspelling of your tags in your list. For example, if your keyword is YouTube Video, then also put “youtbe vedeo”. Try it, it is really amazing.
  • Include singular and plural of your tags as well. Suppose your  keyword is “fine arts”, then include “fine art”, “fine” and “art”.
  • Include long tail keywords into your tag list containing mostly searched phase.

Image Credit: executer, thesemblog, shoutmeloud

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