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Use SEO Tool SEMrush To Boost Performance On SERPs

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semrushAbout SEMrush SEO tool

SEMrush digital marketing software has been created by SEO and SEM professionals. The software collects huge amounts of data from search engine results pages for millions of keywords and domains. Additionally, they also collect information related to ad copies, landing pages, organic rankings of domains, search volumes for keywords, cost per click data from AdWords, competitor statistics and the results volumes. They also provide data analysis, customized data reports for specialized digital marketing projects. With the SEMrush software, advertisers can also find out how products are being advertised, get guidance on the best way to create advertising text, search for marketing and other trends.

Many websites and blogs still do not focus on using search engine optimization (SEO) to boost their performance on search engine results pages. They suffer from poor rankings of their most important keywords. Many bloggers and website developers have no idea about which keywords are driving in the traffic to their websites. Many posts on a blog or website get a lot of traffic and bloggers are clueless about why this is happening and which keywords are responsible for this traffic. Thus, it is important to know which keywords are important, what is their position, which keywords are getting the traffic and  how to place these keywords appropriately so that you can improve the rankings in the search engine result pages. SEMrush software will help you to get answers to all these questions and improve the way you manage the SEO of your website or blog.

Get started with SEMrush SEO tool to boost performance in SERPs

The SEMrush software is not free, but well worth the investment in terms of improvement in rankings, so go ahead and buy the software. Login to your SEMrush account, go to the search field and enter the website name or URL. The first page of SEMrush, by default, searches in Google USA; you also have the choice for search engine related info for other countries. There is also a regional database which gives you access to domain or keyword reports. Searches are carried out for specified geographic locations and the regional languages. The main menu of the report gives access to a variety of reports for the keyword or domain that you want to analyse. The user menu will provide information regarding the queries, API, subscription level and history of payments. The software has export icon which enable you to export all the data in a file in formats like .csv or Microsoft Excel. The help icon in the software provides all assistance related to reports and usage of the page data. There are also several graphs that are visible in the software which show you the trends related to different domains and you can also compare trends on different domains. The software also shows various statistics related to domain, like – rankings data, search engine traffic and costs for AdWords traffic.

Discover the keywords being used by competitors and target audience

To find out the keywords being used by your competitors and also the target audience to find your business or blog, you need to enter the domain name and press, “Go”. You can find data on the keywords ranking in Google and their positions. Both organic and AdWords data is available in the report. The full report reveals all the keywords for which the selected domain gets traffic from Google or other search engines. Data like keyword positions, total number of queries per month for that keyword and the associated costs etc. The results can also be sorted according to the position of keywords, percentage of traffic and the cost of visitors arriving to the site through ads or search results. The data can be exported for further analysis. The AdWords keyword reports also give information about the keywords being used in an AdWords campaign by that site.

Keyword lists for site optimizationkeyword list

Use SEMrush to find a list of relevant keywords which can be used for optimizing the website or blog. This information can be found from the, “organic keywords” report. You can export this report into a program like Microsoft Excel and sort the data for keyword position. After sorting, you now have a list of high ranking keywords which can be used for optimizing the website. By using this method, you can also find out the long tail keywords.

Related keyword lists

This tool can help you find related keywords with ease. Take an example of the chocolate business, start your search by entering the keyword, “chocolates”, the report will show you how much you need to pay for this keyword, and this data is from the Google AdWords keyword planner tool. The report also gives you the average searches for the keyword, “chocolates” and the competition levels of AdWords advertisers for this keyword. The trends section gives you the variations in the volume searches for the keyword “chocolates”. In addition to the keywords the report also provides statistics for phrases like average number of searches for a phrase, cost per click values and search result number for each phrase. The report also lists various keywords and phrases related to the search term. The secret to finding out the best keywords and phrases is to discover the keywords and phrases being used by your competitors. You can do this by accessing the AdWords report on this software. SEMrush also provides the text of the ads being used by your competitors.

Keywords used by competitors and your domain

SEMrush has some unique features for competitor analysis. You can check out the keywords and phrases being used by your competitors in AdWords and organic searches by accessing the “competitors in organic search “and “competitors in AdWords” reports. Keywords being used by your website and competitor can also be accessed in the reports.

SEMrush rank

SEMrush analyses your domain and provides a rank based on various parameters, higher ranks indicate that the website has been properly optimized for search engines and that it is also running ads effectively in AdWords.

SEMrush is versatile

The SEMrush data can be used in various other programs available online and can also be used in your internal projects.

The data from SEMrush can be easily used to improve all aspects of SEO. The keyword lists can be used for optimizing webpages, while the statistics related to keyword usage can help in designing a good SEO strategy. The competitor analysis can help you to stay on top of competition by knowing their keyword secrets with the help of the analytical tools in the SEMrush software. Thus, use this SEO software to boost your performance in SERPs effectively.

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      Michael Smith   /   Reply

      If you are in digital marketing field, then you should have to know the importance of this tool. SEM rush is very healthy tool compare to others and it gives more accurate data than any other tools.

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