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Use SlideShare In 6 Interesting Ways For Higher ROI

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SlideShare is a social media marketing tool that is leveraged by the businesses today to make the interesting presentations visible online and improve the communication process with the target audience. What are the creative ways to use this tool for the promotion of the business? Nobody forgets to create an account on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn but there are many people who have an underestimation of the wonderful tool called SlideShare or are simply unaware of its unique features. This blog discusses 6 ways in which you can use SlideShare for the business growth in this fast paced world. Read them and start using SlideShare confidently.

1) Prepare Interesting Slides

SlideShare is the most underutilised social media marketing tool and hence offers great potential for the ambitious businesses to rise through it. Everybody loves to watch good slides that are not just designed well but are informative as well. The market is still hungry for quality content and SlideShare can be used to fill the gap effectively. This platform enjoys as high as 50 million visitors per month who generate more than 200 million views for any page. So, develop quality slides with a good design and you can expect a much higher number of views as compared to those obtained on Facebook or twitter without even promoting the presentation. SlideShare is highly recommended for small businesses that are looking for creative ways to promote their business but have budget constraint. So, create interesting slides as soon as possible and upload them on SlideShare.

2) Keywords Have A Role To Play

Yes, even in the case of SlideShare, the keywords have a good role to play. The keywords are the key to success at this platform as well. An easy way to include keywords in your presentation and make it easily searchable is to use it as the title of the file (file name) which must be stored in the PDF format in order to appear in the form of a presentation at SlideShare. The title of the presentation itself can be nothing but most widely searched keyword. The tags should be mentioned according to the popular keywords and the description in the slides must also have some useful keywords in them. SlideShare has an additional advantage as Google ranks it higher in the search engine result page (SERPs).

3) How-to Videos Are Hot Topics For SlideShare Presentations

There is a high demand for how-to videos and SlideShare can give it the best shot. The how-to videos guide the viewers in a way that is appreciated by them well as they not only understand the things clearly, but also able to remember the video presentation and implement the things later on. A complicated phenomenon can be made simpler by a well structured SlideShare presentation online. It is not just easy to learn the things, but also to learn several other details in one go. This is what makes SlideShare a good option for the businesses that want to rise higher and higher & trust social media for its potency.

4) Share Latest Industry Information

A SlideShare presentation can be used to send the message across very easily. There are several occasions when it is required to send urgent messages such as launch of a product or a service that is new in the industry or is an improvised version of an existing one. A whitepaper is good to talk about a research or something similar but a SlideShare presentation can work wonders with a wide variety of audience most of which is not well educated. If required you can include the hyperlinks for the White Paper that you wish your readers to see in the presentation slides and leave it to them to decide which part they want to go to and leave the rest. The only goal should be to make the content easily readable and quickly understandable in order to elicit the maximum positive response.

5) Club It With Other Social Media Platforms

In order to leverage Slideshare, integrate it with other widely used social media networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. A SlideShare presentation is a welcome way to connect with more people in a better manner. Just update the status as and when you are posting a presentation on any platform and let the users know about it. A SlideShare presentation makes it easy to outshine the competitors who are investing a huge amount of energy in social media marketing campaigns. The readers are more likely to feel motivated to click on a presentation and surf it faster for the relevant information rather than gather patience to read a content that is lengthy and time consuming.

6) Be Visible On The Home Page

What is the fun in making a presentation that is not at all seen by the target audience? How will they see it if it is not visible easily? Hence, in order to make the presentation visible, make it a point that it firstly appears on the ‘Home’ page of SlideSare itself. Prepare it quickly and post it early during the day so as to stand a chance to be pinned at the Home page of SlideShare.

Since it is a tool that is not widely used till date, there is more curiosity about its performance among the business professionals who quickly follow the footsteps of the industry leaders and adopt the social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. The above mentioned tips to leverage SlideShare will prove to be helpful only if you use them with full confidence in the tool. Prepare the slides with good amount of information embedded in it and do not compromise on the quality at any cost unless you can afford to lose all the money and the energies that are invested in it. The slides must positively have an appealing design which prompts the onlooker to hit the play button for the slide show to start and start his learning experience in a different way.

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