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Use Wordtracker Effectively To Optimise SEO Campaign

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Keyword Reseakeyword researchrch Is Important To Optimise SEO Campaign

Keyword Research is an important element of SEO and therefore it is very important to carefully choose the right set of keywords and phrases as it helps build a solid foundation for your SEO campaign.  If the appropriate and relevant set of keywords and phrases with higher probability and potential for return on investment are not chosen, the ad campaign will be weakened and can severely affect the success of your campaign.

For conducting a thorough and scientific keyword research, data collection and accurate analysis is necessary to help make suitable projections for the return on investment.  However, data collection is an expensive process, as the best available tools are not free. The paid tools are advanced in nature with rich features and analytical tools integrated within. By leveraging advanced paid tools, digital marketers can get suitable information to make strategic decisions on keyword targets and ensure the success of their SEO campaigns.

The best paid keyword research tool available is the Wordtracker tool and is frequently used by SEO professionals for their assignments. Are you facing challenges in your keyword research? Are your SEO campaigns failing because of irrelevant keywords? Then learn to use the Wordtracker tool effectively to optimise your SEO campaign.

Wordtracker Toolwordtracker 2

The Wordtracker tool has access to several search engines, large Meta crawlers and even a large UK based Internet service provider and therefore, they have an extensive data for researching keywords and phrases. Wordtracker’s impressive database has millions of searches from one entire year. If you ask Wordtracker to provide the total number of searches done for a keyword term, the number the tool provides may be lesser than what Google can provide. The reason for this is because Wordtracker’s database is smaller than Google’s. However, Wordtracker provides a far more important feature than Google does. It provides the relative numbers for keywords which can help you to decide the better keywords from the results provided. Moreover, a user can also get access to Google’s data by using the keyword tool from Wordtracker. The Wordtracker tool provides a lot of information for keyword research like –

  • The number of times an exact search term was searched in the entire year out of 700 million searches.
  • It also provides similar words, phrases and synonyms for the search terms.
  • Search statistics for the searched terms and similar keywords.
  • Competing webpages – number of webpages that have been optimized for the searched keyword as shown in the competition column. Thus higher the competition number higher is the optimization and harder it is for the keyword to rank higher.

The keyword lists can be downloaded in a CSV format and can be imported to MS Excel for further analysis.

How To Optimise Your SEO Campaigns In Wordtracker?

The Wordtracker tool is similar to Google AdWords Keyword Player but with some additional awesome features which are totally worth the price you pay for this tool. There is a keyword list manager feature. You can easily set up campaigns and within each campaign you can set up multiple projects with the help of this tool. You can then search keywords and compile separate lists, campaign and project wise. Further, you can also add ranks to the projects in your campaigns. Wordtracker can also check the ranking of your website on various search engines and compare your performance to those of your competitors.

You can also create a separate campaign and project page on Wordtracker which shows you information about search engines, whether the crawlers have visited and indexed your site or if any errors have been found on the site. The keyword mapping tool is very useful to build keyword hierarchies and to visualize your website as a group of keywords. The keyword mapping tool can help you group pages according to the keywords. Keyword research can be easily automated with the help of Wordtracker. Simply type in a search term like example, ‘Jeggings’ and Wordtracker will give you a series of lists based on the word ‘Jeggings’ you can then add your own word for each word given by Wordtracker, in turn the tool builds another list. Thus you can expect to get literally hundreds of associated keyword lists. You can then pick and choose the keywords that you want to target. The selected keywords can then be used for the title and description wizard, where you can create title, Meta tags, URLs and HTML titles. You can ensure that each keyword is associated with a particular page in this way.

Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI)

The Wordtracker tool has another unique feature called as the “Keyword Effectiveness Index” or the KEI. This feature is one of the easiest and fastest method to find out the keywords that show the most potential and help you get more traffic to your website or blog. It is a scaled metric so there will be no score more than 100. In order to understand the KEI, it’s important to look at the relative values for a niche. If a value for one niche looks good enough, it may not be good enough for some other niche . Therefore it is important to look at the relationships between the values in this column rather than just considering the numbers. So how to find high potential keywords using the KEI? These are generally the keywords with higher values. The easier method is to sort the KEI column by clicking on the header of the KEI column. The sorting is done in the descending order so you get to see the highest KEI scores at the top. Another way to find the most effective keywords is to use special filters at the right to cross delete keywords with a KEI of below a certain number and only allow keywords with KEI that you require. This method is very effective and quick but can be done only if you thoroughly know the market that you are targeting and know the keywords popularity in that niche.

The Wordtracker tool is one of the best tools available on the Internet, use this tool to optimise your SEO campaign.

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