Used Card Board Boxes Leveraged Email Marketing To Generate More Than $13,000 In Sales

by | Jun 9, 2014 | Case Studies, Email Marketing

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logoAbout  A Los Angeles based company who is into reselling of used carton boxes at low cost. They bid for boxes from large companies that might otherwise recycle them and after strict inspection process are sorted by size & shape which are finally resold to customers via their website.’s  Business Objectives:  UsedCardboardBoxes (UCB) wanted to boost its revenue by informing the customers that carton boxes of their specific requirement are available which otherwise they have no clue whether it is in stock or not. UCB wanted to use a cost effective yet powerful channel  to convey the message to customers about  the availability of stocks. Another objective was to keep a check on the supply and demand of boxes.

Strategy adopted by UCB understood that an effective method to alert the customers about the stocks was through email marketing campaigns. They came up with a step by step plan to make the maximum ROI of the email campaign. The process is as follows:

  • Segmentation of the customer database: UCB segmented the email database according to the customer’s preference of box specifications and the locations.  The preference was tracked based on the customer’s previous purchase history while location based segmentation was done by the proximity of customers to UCB’s  stock locations
  • Sending alert emails: UCB crafted emails with the necessary information which alerted customers whenever new stocks were available. The email had  images of the carton boxes, links to product description and specifications & finally a response link to UCB asking about the price quote.
  • Email alerts to understand the opportunity:  To understand the interest of the customers in a specific  box, UCB sends alert emails to customers about a particular stock before buying the inventory. By the customer‘s response UCB was able to make a judgment to purchase a particular stock.

The results achieved by The results were outstanding with UCB achieving USD 13000 in  sales out of a single alert campaign. UCB was able to achieve what it intended for, maximum ROI by using a cost effective marketing campaign channel.

Learnings: UCB, before using the email marketing campaign was not able to gauge the demand & supply ratio. But after the use of email alert programs, UCB was able to conclude which carton stocks to bid for and hence reap the maximum ROI.

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  1. Priya Bhatiani

    This technique sounds good for small businesses where capital is limited , as the business is aware of the demand of goods in that case his capital doesnot get stuck in excess inventory.

  2. Indrajit Goswami

    Two important issues are missing here: (i) Eco-friendly process and (ii) recycling. These two, if relevant to the case, could be the best fuel to drive audience.


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