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User Generated Content- A Powerful Tool For Building Your Brand Image

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Today’s communicating and frequently connected customers provide marketers an edge over competitor brands. The love to share their experiences and feedback on the brands they have bought and the products they have used. This type of content can be completely trusted and persuasive as it coming directly for the existing buyers and is reliable as compared to the usual brand marketing communications.

Brand marketers are leveraging user generated content like Reviews & Ratings, Q&A, photos, videos and customer media to build brand maturity and create a trustworthy brand appearance.

User Generated Content: An Instrumental Reserve

These days’ customers depend on on User Generated Content (UGC) like reviews and ratings for making knowledgeable purchases. Here are some other pros of UGC:

  1. Upturns customer retention

Customers appreciate viewing the content generated by them highlighted by their beloved brands and websites. This strategy helps in snowballing customer engagement as customer becomes more ready to provide content to the brand in the anticipation that their hard work will be recognized.

  1. Creates genuine brand advertisement/image

The content generated by consumers unquestionably has an upper hand over all other marketing practices and commercials. It adds sentiment, persona and humanizes your brand. Even though UGC is not intended to be marketing, it is often one of the most influential and irreplaceable resources when it comes with constructing a brand’s image.

  1. Enhances brand loyalty

Featuring the content generated by users like reviews, photos, and video messages is an amazing way to show gratefulness towards consumers. It helps in augmenting the brand reliability and making the customers trust that they are cherished for everything that they donated towards the brand’s image.

  1. Lengthens your target spectators

UGC is a valuable resource when it comes to accessing your customer’s networks. Users are more likely to trust and engage in the content contributed by peers than the content coming from the brand.

  1. Helps in accumulating business intelligence

User generated content is not limited to building brand imagery and marketing purpose. It can be also used as a very treasured tool for deriving intelligence about products and brands and creating product ideation and innovation. Promotional activities like Flipkart offers and other brand discount offers and deals give a kick to the customer to provide even better content towards the brand.

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Sahil Rajan works as a Content Developer at Buy1Get1 and guest writes on blogs. His interests include travel, poetry, online shopping, music and media.

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