Using Twitter Advertising BillBachao Increases App Download In India

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ABOUT BillBachao

Billbachao is an Indian-based startup company that guides people to find the most advanced Internet and Mobile Internet software enabled services for the large consumer markets. Their focus is on using “Big Data” analytics and advance search engines to make users choices easy and instinctive. Billbachao has patent pending services proprietary software and databases, crowd sourcing and complex algorithms to guide users in choosing optimal choices in their regular subscribe of mobile plans.

Indian consumers have several large recurring spend categories. They have disadvantage of the complexity and lack of lucidity of appropriate tariff rate and due to poor availability of the information. But the consumers have the right to take the purchase decision, by the understanding of the perfect tariff plan as per their regular uses. The result to know the right pricing of mobile plan can be frustrating and also expensive, often leaving consumers’ over paying and underserved.


Billbachao (@billbachao) helps the people to find the most suitable mobile plans as per their regular uses and needs. With detailed market research of user’s patterns and applying big data analytics, this mobile app proves to save money for 70%+ of people in India who pay extra for their telecom providers.

Billbachao directs to consumer to solve this dilemma by guiding objective, neutral and personalized recommendations at the individual and local level.

Their philosophy is to make buyer lives easier by using smart and advanced technology. Billbachao is taking care to find out the best plan for their consumer, so the user can save the maximum.


BillBachao uses social media platform Twitter Ads to achieve their objectives. They mainly used mentioned 3 strategies for success.


Keyword Targeting

  • BillBachao uses keyword targeting to attract the high-intent audience.
  • They found in their research that the target audience often Tweeted mobile devices and some related topics.
  • BillBachao could focused on high-aspire users who are looking for phone tariffs by using Keyword Targeting.
  • To drill down even further, they also focus geo-targeting to make sure they showed campaigns only to consumers in area where they use the network.
  • They also used questions in their campaign which gives the lively to users and users fill that they are part of conversation. This gives increase in click and tempting to users for more engagement.

 Conversation Tracking

  • The team BillBachao used the dashboard campaigns to identify necessary metrics such as Cost-per-click (CPC) and Engagements.
  • With the conversion tracking in BillBachao campaign, they could easily identify and understand which campaigns were leading the most installs and mark their best-performing campaigns.

2Optimize Campaigns

  • By using Twitter advertising platform, BillBachao did promotions, convert it into relevant conversations, and make continuous engagement with consumers.
  • The BillBachao team partnered with the agency @befoxy who helps them to increase downloads of their mobile application and engagements campaign.
  • BillBachao targets the audience who are money-conscious, i.e.,16-25 years olds teenager and mobile savvy college students in India.


  • BillBachao has used 3 Strategy in Twitter Advertising as mentioned above.
  • They achieved a 56% growth in application installs during their campaign. With Twitter Advertising, they received a very high retention rate from the users. They also get two to three times’ high engagements with compared to most other platforms.
  • Twitter Advertising gives an organic reach compare to any competitive other social media platform. It is the most effective and fastest way to inaugurate conversations with target audience and it’s also helps to connect with influencers.
  • BillBachao identified that their target audience usually Tweeted mobile devices and its related topics. They identified and analyze this ‘Keyword’ as the Strategy. With Keyword Targeting, BillBachao could able to reach high-intent audiences who are looking for phone plans which is very much suite with their requirement and also save their money.
  • With this BillBachao also used Geo-Targeting to ensure they exhibited the campaigns only to users in areas where the consumers operate.


  • Generating Buzz by Identify your Audience

The team BillBachao™ was first understands target audience. They focused to reach target audience who are money-conscious and the target age group is 16-25 year olds in India. This young age group is more money saving but they need good mobile plans.

  • Keyword Targeting

BillBachao used keyword targeting to reach high-intent audiences looking for phone plans. There are many peoples who tweet the words like Mobile Plans, Tariff etc.

  • Geo Targeting

BillBachao used geo-targeting to ensure they showed campaigns only to users in areas where they operate. Geo targeting is the method to identifying the geolocation of a website visitor and delivering the content to right visitor based on the location.

  • Measure your marketing efforts

BillBachao used online marketing strategy. It is vital important to have some type of analytics tool in place that will help them to set goals and measure the success in their actions.

Image Credits: BillBachao

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