VacationRoost Leveraged Inbound Marketing Methodologies To Attain 12% More Conversion Rate

by | May 26, 2014 | Case Studies, Inbound Marketing

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About VacationRoost:logo

VacationRoost has done its testing from random projects to a constant effort that benefits the company. The team implemented two testing methodologies to lift the conversion rates. It offers more than 1,00,000 lodging options in 80 destinations ranging from chalets in Chile to mountainside cabins in Colorado.

VacationRoost Business Objectives:

The business objective was to implement the two testing methodologies to boost the total conversion rate.

Approach/Strategy Adopted By VacationRoost:

  • The overall marketing strategy was implementing two testings that is one for small tests and the other for large tests .The small tests as single landing page tests that target item at the top of the funnel and the large tests are shared across the brands.
  • Small tests are for unique pages and large tests are for websites such as search, products, billing and checkout pages.
  • Small tests can be performed by the third party tool, but its hard as they have different versions of the page with dynamic parameters based on what someone has chosen, filtered, and checked to put for every different user.
  • For large tests they build an internal A/B testing platform.
  • Testing within the company would prove that it is ensured that it is tested regularly and have a responsibility in the marketing department from being a low-priority to a high priority.
  • To develop an internal support, they need to utilize the internal developmental resources and money to engage a partner.
  • Conducting small tests required an inexpensive third-party as it didn’t require the team to go through approval process, the team could run tests on landing pages through a platform costing $30 per month.
  • They utilized the small test for the top of the funnel for PPC, SEO, headlines, CTA, lead forms, and images.
  • They utilized the bottom of the funnel for search, cart, products, billing, and checkout.

Results Achieved By VacationRoost:

  • The company received a 12% total conversion rates as they received test from both small and large tests.
  • They have dedicated full-time employees that spend 75% of time on testing only.
  • Based on their testing results, their job is based on in order to push tests forward and their salary and annual goals.


  • The best way to see ROI gains was through the foundation of a good testing platform.
  • The  two testing strategies that are small test and large tests to perform better.
  • The  systematic steps  can be followed such as to identify the conversion goal, create a hypothesis, wide frame, design and launch treatment and finally analyze results and calculate ROI.
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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    The strategy portion is sufficiently elaborated to help a reader understand the actions of the company. But its difficult to understand the business objectives. Would you please expand the objective?


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