Velas Resorts Leveraged Cross Marketing Optimization Via Search & Social Marketing

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In this fast growing Digital World, any website without SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will be seen nowhere in the SERP (Search Engine Page Results) and this is why need of and SEO expert is rising day by day. The need of an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert will never die, in fact it will rise with time. So, did for Velas Resorts. They used the best possible strategy to optimize there website. Every time Google spreads an update, SEO experts will be there for optimizing your website according to the latest guidelines of the update. It’s not just the Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird Update that’s bordering people. There are lot other minor updates going on in the Google Search Engine Algorithm. Recent fluctuations have been notice after Nov 19, 2015. There is a Buzz around about a new update by Google Search Engine, naming the Googles new update as Phantom 5. So, this kind of minor updates keeps on floating around the corner, for which better strategies are required to address such problems. Experts keeps on reforming there strategies and comes up with a better one to handle such problems. One such case was of a Group of Luxury resort named as Velas Resorts. They made use of a very interesting strategy to tackle there problem.


About the Company


In Mexico, if you are looking for a spot to arrange a party or a wedding ceremony, you should really consider to take a look at Velas Resorts. Combination of pleasant and romantic surrounding of the Velas Resort makes it sweeter than others. The breeze of the coastal area and the coolness of the oasis all in one place. All this makes you feel one thing – the luxury of Velas Resorts and the 5stars offerings they provide. They are four in number spread over best locations of Mexico.



Problem Faced by Velas Resorts

Velas Resorts is a brand which seriously looks into strategically taking over their niche market. Over the years they had created enough reputation as the best place for a wedding. In order to keep up their authority over the online market, Velas Resorts had been in continuous touch with an online marketing agency named Milestone. They had been long time client with Milestone. Milestone came up with various optimization strategies to make Velas Resorts what they are now. They leveraged the cross channel marketing optimization strategy with a mix of SEO and Social media marketing strategy. This led them to some wonderful results, including the award winning website for wedding.


Strategies Used for Velas Resorts

In order to keep up the online reputation of Velas Resorts, Milestone gave them a sweet mix of different strategies. Surprisingly, rather than coming up with a single channel solution. They came up with a new idea termed as Cross channel Marketing Optimization. Using this they were able to drive crazy traffic into the website from various social media marketing techniques. Use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in optimizing their website led to a great deal of change in Search. This led them to the top of the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

Specifically they came up with four cool strategies for Velas Resorts. They are:

  1. Main Theme Development and Optimization
  2. Use of Web 2.0 Techniques
  3. Cross-Channel Marketing Strategy
  4. Campaigning in Social Media

#1 Main Theme Development and Optimization

Velas Resorts was more specialized in organizing Luxury Wedding. This is the key reason for which Milestone wanted to take the key advantage of the popularity of the Luxury Wedding offerings of Velas Resorts. So, they came up with an idea of setting up a new website for offering their luxury wedding services online, and it worked really great. The award won as the best wedding website, tells us pretty well how the strategy went. Ofcourse they had their SEO experts working on the magic of making their website visible at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). There rankings went high up when the on-site elements were carefully optimized according to the keyword research. They focus giving the best for Velas Resorts Wedding Website to come up the Local Search Engine as well as the Google Search Engine.

#2 Use of Web 2.0 Techniques

Milestone realized the need of Stability in Velas Resorts Wedding website integration according the latest updates available. So they started with integrating the platform with various latest techniques. They made changes in the blogs and the layout of customer reviews of the website according to Web 2.0 techniques, to ensure better performance of the website. This ultimately led to better customer engagement resulting in quality traffic.

#3 Cross-Channel Marketing Strategy

The Cross-Channel Strategy was one of the amazing trick that was used by Milestone on Velas Resorts. The use of this strategy ensured there online authority in not just one channel with stability in just desktop/laptop devices but also in other platforms. They started looking out for various queries used by the seekers of Wedding Spot.  They segmented the queries according to the different channels and users of different devices. They look out for keywords in social, local and mobile channels and accordingly, optimized the website for ranking up in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

#4 Campaigning in Social Media

Velas Resorts ran a 3 month long campaign of a contest from February, 2011 to April 2011. The target was to get a huge fan base to spread a word of mouth for the presence of the Wedding Website and their unique luxury offerings. This campaign led to a huge traffic from the social media. The campaign was handled from 3 different profile pages. The contest was about submitting entry for the users or their friends or family through email after liking the Facebook page.



Milestones strategy for their client Velas Resort was a huge success. A well measured and well optimized strategy gave them amazing returns. The contest in the Social Media Campaign made 200 enters. They got all new fan base of 6,733 new likes and 1,650 posts and feedback about the contest. In Twitter, 697 ne followers was amazing. They got 2,690 visitors and 4,400 page views for their blog of Wedding Website and 3,762 visitors and 12, 400 page views to the Wedding Website build by Milestone. This overall success could be well counted in numbers as it led to an ROI of $1.5 million in just 3 months.



The use of Cross-Channel Marketing Optimization strategy is really tricky one. Milestone was smart enough to figure out that people in different channels put up different queries. And that is why the strategy work so well. They targeted all those query’s according to different channels and optimized accordingly.

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