Vico Software Used Inbound Marketing To Increase Its Search Referrals By 100%

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About Vico Software

Vico Software Inc., is a Boston based IT company. The head quarter of the company is located in Boulder, Colorado, USA, and it has its offices in other parts of USA, UK, Finland and Hungary. It provides construction software and related services to building owners, managers and contractors in the commercial building industry. It’s BIM Software and 5D Virtual Construction™ solutions are unique to optimize the performance of major construction projects in terms of cost management, risk reduction and scheduling. As a start-up company, it has already satisfied hundreds of users of its products and services. On October, 31, 2012, the company was acquired by Trimble Navigation Ltd. Currently, the company is well positioned in the segment of complex and heavy construction industry.    

Business Objectives of Vico Software

According to Holly Allison, VP – Marketing, Vico Software, the major target of the company had been to excel in B2B marketing with the following objectives.

  •  Optimize Lead Generation and Conversion, and
  • Increase Sales

Vico +Hubspot

Approach / Strategy Adopted by Vico Software

Since its inception, Vico had been facing tough challenges to gain a competitive edge in the market. As a young company, it was vulnerable to survive and succeed the competitions from comparatively bigger and established companies. Neither, it was able to benchmark the marketing budget of its competitors, nor could it achieve its marketing objectives through traditional marketing channels. Later, the company decided to adopt the inbound approach and executed the following strategies:

  • Development of attractive content and its scheduling with appropriate tools.
  • Lead generation through HubSpot’s Landing Page tool.
  • Lead management and tracking through the HubSpot’s Lead Management tool.
  • Integration of HubSpot Lead tracking system with Salesforce CRM.
  • Optimization of website traffic and its content search results with the help of HubSpot’s Keyword analysis and SEO tools, and
  • Continued comparison with its competitors with the help of HubSpot’s Web Analytics tool.

Hubspot Tools

(Fig. HubSpot Inbound Tools)

Results Achieved by Vico Software

Vico achieved phenomenal success with the help of above strategic actions. Over a short period of time, the company has been able to generate 100% search referrals through Google. In addition, the company achieved the following outcomes:

  • A steady increase of 80% in website traffic generation.
  • Collected more than 400 inbound links from over 4426 domains.
  • Acquired top rank in Google search for keywords, such as ‘virtual construction software’, ‘bim estimating’, ‘5D estimating’ and ‘5D bim’.


From the above actions and results, following learning was taken:

  •  The investment in traditional marketing channels may not guarantee desired results.
  •  A decisive investment in inbound marketing assures more than expected output.
  • Content creation, scheduling and smooth landing page navigation are the most powerful points of attraction for inbound traffic.
  • Robust systems to track leads and optimize search engine performance are indispensable requirements to succeed with inbound strategy.
  • Inbound marketing is potentially powerful to witness a cutting edge impact of our business and its success.



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