Virgin Limited Edition Used Email Marketing To Garner More Than 100% Hike In CTR

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logoAbout Virgin Limited Edition

Virgin Limited Edition is Sir Richard Branson’s collection of stunning retreats. We have a private island, mountain retreat, game reserve, catamaran, lodge, tented camp, vineyard, restaurant, and a private members club. Eclectic, yes, but all are unique and operate with the sole aim of creating amazing experiences.

Business Objectives Of Virgin Limited Edition

The company had a simple email campaign that lacked in its scope of building a connection with the recipients. It was in the need of creative email templates that could interact with the target customers and increase thier engagement with the company and prompted them to visit their website frequently to find the answers to their queries regarding the availability of the properties in the world. In short, the company wanted to achieve the following 3 objectives through its email marketing campaigns-

  • To improve the email open rate appreciably
  • To encourage customers to send in their inquiries and increase customer acquisition rates
  • To increase the flow of online traffic towards the website by boosting the engagement level of the customers

Strategy / Approaches Adopted By Virgin Limited Edition

In order to achieve the above mentioned objective, the company adopted the following set of actions-

  • Developing a succession of new Content Management System template designs
  • Alligning the template designs that are capable to communicate about all the properties and/or messages which the company wishes to discuss with the customers
  • Continuous A/B split testing of the new template designs for better efficiency

Results Obtained By Virgin Limited Edition

All the intelligent hard work put in by the company and its associates in the process paid-off and they achieved the following results that are worth appreciating. They were-

  • A big boost in CTR by 100%
  • A boost in the open rate by 30%
  • An increase in customer queries after the redesigning of the emails


Email marketing is a smart way to connect with the target audience only if the rules of the game are followed appropriately. If a business uses it as a dry medium to simply convey its messages to the people, then the whole email campaign would collapse like a house made of plastic cards. It is highly important to use it creatively and as a two way communication platform in a gentle and fun manner.

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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    Please take care while writing about the company. You have written as “We have a private island, mountain retreat, game reserve, catamaran, lodge, tented camp”. As a reader, I understand that it is “They” not “We”. But as a blogger we need to take care of our reputation, dignity and respect.

  2. Apurva

    I am not clear with the result part, except for point 1 in it. Could have been better case study if had put extra efforts.


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