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A Visual Digital Marketing Strategy To Improve Your ROI

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There was a time when Digital meant a room; a room full of publishing and printing equipment. Now Digital is a channel primed for marketing; it is in the palms of the modern consumer thanks to the internet and connected mobile devices. 

Digital contains many elements such as SEO, Social Media, Content, PPC, Email and Web analytics. To get the best out of digital marketing one needs a strategy to bring in all the elements together and in the right proportion. Here is a visual digital marketing strategy that can help you improve your return on investment. Like any strategy use this as a starting point and customize it to suit your goals and objectives. a-visual-digital-marketing-strategy-to-improve-your-roi-01-1

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Why Digital Marketing?

  • 37% Companies Plan to Increase their Budget for Digital Marketing over the next 12 Months
  • If SMB’s had Double their Marketing Dollars 50% would Spend it on SEO and 41% would Spend it on PPC
  • Digitally Mature Companies with a Strategy are 8 Times more likely to Gain Market Share

What is a Digital Strategy?

According to HubSpot:

A Digital marketing strategy is the series of actions that are going to help you achieve your goal(s) using online marketing techniques such as SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Email Marketing and Web Analytics.

7 Reasons Why You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy

  1. You want to Increase your Online Market Share
  2. Competitors are Capturing the Market
  3. Your Online Revenue has Dipped From Previous Years
  4. You are Wasting Time and Money with Digital Marketing
  5. Your Digital Team is Not Coordinated. E.g. SEO team and Content team
  6. You are Not Maximizing Opportunities and Revenue
  7. You want to Justify an Increase in Digital Marketing Budget and Resources

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7 Steps to Building a Comprehensive Digital Strategy

Step 1 – Define Goals & Metrics and Identify Tools to Measure Success

  • Goal could be to Build Brand, Generate Leads, Acquire Customers
  • Metrics could be CPC, CPL, CPA, Conversion % etc
  • Tools Required such as Google Analytics, Alexa, Moz etc

Step 2 – Research Target Audience & Finalize Digital Media Channels

  • Segment based on Age, Gender, Income, Education and Location
  • Use Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Alexa for Research
  • Use Surveys and Interviews
  • Speak to Customers, Customer Service Representatives and Salespeople

Step 3 – Create Content that Addresses Buyer Persona Pain Points

  • Use Forums and Quora for Research
  • Look at Analytics to see which Existing Content is helping to meet your Goals – Produce more of this Content

Step 4 – Build a Content Library for various Channels

  • Blog Posts and eBooks
  • Infographics and Videos
  • Follow a Content Promotion Checklist
  • Consider if Guest Blogging is Right for you

Step 5 – Allocate Paid Advertising Budget

  • Invest in PPC Ads if that helps you Reach your Goals
  • Look at Social Media Ads like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Step 6 – Create a Timeline and Action Plan

  • The Timeline Depends on your Goals and Business
  • This could go from 6 to 24 Months
  • Document What Actions are Planned for Each Month
  • Optional – Document Who is Responsible for Each Task

Step 7 – Evaluate Results and Improve your Strategy

  • Collect & Analyze relevant data
  • Take Actions to Optimize Results
  • Iterate Strategy for higher ROI

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