Vogue Eyewear Leveraged Social Media Marketing And Achieved Increase In Visitors By 40216

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vogue-bfAbout Vogue Eyewear

It is a fashion eyewear brand that is a part of Italy-based Luxottica Group.

Business Objective of Vogue Eyewear

deepika-padukone-shoots-for-vogue-eyewear-1The company wanted to launch an Indian face as its brand ambassador for India. It had signed a contract with Deepika Padukone for the same. Eva Mendes is recognised as the global face for the brand but Vogue Eyewear wished to go beyond conventional barriers to launch the Indian face. The brand did not wanted the affair to be just ordinary but an exciting experience that can successfully catch the attention of the audience at large. In order to achieve it, the brand partnered with Brandmovers India, a digital agency that successfully developed an unique campaign for the grand launch of Indian face.

Strategies/Approaches Adopted By Vogue Eyewear

Vogue Eyewear wanted to leverage digital medium to launch its brand ambassador for India. It created a mosaic on a microsite where fans were invited and asked to guess the celebrity. The activity was stretched intelligently so as to engage the fans in a constructive way. The whole endeavour had many dimensions to it with fashion blogging and tweeting being an important part of it. Facebook and Twitter gate could be used to login to the microsite. A tab named ‘Guess Who’ was used to record the responses of the fans which got shared on Twitter and Facebook page along with the hashtag #GuessWhoIsInVogueEyewear. There were 20,000 entries before the mosaic actually revealed the Indian face of Vogue Eyewear.

The fans who guessed correctly were being awarded attractive prizes such as iPhone 5 each week in addition to getting style tips from Deepika Padukone and a chance to meet her. This campaign continued for a complete one month. There were many competitions held successfully on Twitter with no clashes with the ones that were meant for the big occassions like Holi.

Results Achieved By Vogue Eyewear

The following were the results of hard work that continued for one month. Vogue Eyewear was efficient in its efforts was evident in the commendable results it achieved in a short duration by its campaign having world’s biggest mosaic (fan generated).

  • The mosaic at the microsite page received as high as 40,216 visitors
  • Out of 40,216 page views, more than 28,000 were unique
  • It was found that the visitors on the microsite spent an average of more than 3 minutes
  • More than 9,000 people got connected with their Facebook profiles to like the microsite
  • In India, Facebook fans rosed by 390% and Twitter followers increased by 280%
  • More than 41 million impressions and 1,00,000 mentions received in 1 month


Social media is a platform that is available with everyone but there are only few smart businesses that become successful in leveraging it. If you want to succeed on social media platforms, the first and foremost thing is to be creative. The contests with attractive prizes are always a good idea to promote your agenda. You should think about different ideas and experiment with them in a professional manner.

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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    The business objectives are not clear. It narrates more about actions and endorsement techniques. Generally objectives are followed by actions and not the vice versa.


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