Volkswagen India Used Social Media Marketing To Increase Followers Upto 2,300 On Its LinkedIn Page

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VWAbout Volkswagen

Volkswagen is the biggest car maker in Europe and is well renowned all over the world. The company strives to expand its business in India by targeting the Indian car market which is the 2nd fastest growing market in the world. This makes India a profitable location for the company and hence, the company has chosen India to serve its strategic purpose optimally.

Business Objective of Volkswagen

The company wanted to target the working population of India by generating awareness about its brand which could then be converted into brand loyalty. Volkswagen keenly wanted to work in the area of decision making of its brand lovers.

Strategy / Approaches Adopted by Volkswagen

In order to achieve its objectives, Volkswagen launched its company page on LinkedIn. This page had a feature that made it possible for the VW brand lovers to air their voice about the VW models in the form of recommendations. The company also made efficient use of recommendation Ads on LinkedIn to widen the audience reach.

The choice of only LinkedIn as a platform had a strategic reason behind it. LinkedIn is a good platform that caters to the needs of the working professionals quite efficiently. Hence, there are higher chances of locating the genuinely interested customers here who can afford the brand. Volkswagen targeted the customers by seniority levels and geographical locations in order to be successful in their search for the customers who were searching for the dealer locations in their area.

Results Obtained By Volkswagen

Volkswagen received a whopping number of 9,60,000 updates on the VW models. This shows that the updated text got viral successfully. The number of followers got increased by 2,300 on the LinkedIn company page. This is not all and the company also succeeded in achieving 2,700 model recommendations in just a month’s time!

The results obtained show that the clarity of objective and intelligent planning for its achievement paid well for Volkswagen.


A business is all about striking the right chord with the customers. This is not a joke but rather a smart play of well carved out strategies on social media. A business must use LinkedIn or any other social media platform to target the right customers and showcase its uniqueness to them who will be more than happy to find all the information needed by them so easily!

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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    How could LinkedIn be considered as effective social media, while compared with Facebook? Even Facebook is having larger followers’ base in India.

  2. Priya Bhatiani

    This case study shows the importance of selecting the right target audience. VW smartly opted for LinkedIn as a platform where they could mostly meet the men who can buy it not the boys on FB who would just appreciate it 🙂


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