Volvo Car Corporation Used Email Marketing Smartly To Gain 82% Email Opening Rate

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volvoAbout Volvo Car Corporation

Volvo Car Corporation is a renowned Swedish automobile manufacturer and Zhejiang Geely Holding Group of China owns it. The company has its presence since 1927 in Sweden. The company manufactures station wagons, varieties of Sedan, sport utility vehicles and coupes.

Volvo Car Corporation has its worldwide presence and operated through more than 100 sales companies (national). It finds its market in US, China, UK, Germany and its home town.

Business Objective Of Volvo Car Corporation

The company had the following business objectives to be achieved through its email marketing campaign-

  • To attract interested buyers for the test drive of the newly launched Volvo car models
  • To leverage the email marketing campaign to connect with the specifically targeted group of car buyers
  • To witness a hike in the response rates for both the brand as well as the newsletters related to the car models

Strategy / Approaches Adopted By Volvo Car Corporation

In order to achieve the above mentioned goals, the company adopted a set of actions. These intelligently designed steps are as follows-

  • Usage of thought provoking video-mail campaigns with relevant and lucid content in the emails sent
  • Obtained information related to the age of its targeted customers and metropolitan areas through various databases online
  • Send newsletters to the customers for the V70, C30 and S80 Volvo models with a call to action

Results Obtained By Volvo Car Corporation

The company succeeded in its endeavor to achieve its business objective and saw the following results-

  • Designed emails that generated leads, enhanced brand image and focused on customer retention
  • An appreciable hike in the response rates accompanied with an increase in the click rates. It obtained 82% opening rate for the newsletter (C30 model) along with 60% click rates.


Email marketing is not so costly type of marketing and has a wide scope of building a strong connection with the recipients. A business must play by the rules which are not rigid but can be altered according to the needs of a business. Just like Volvo Car Corporation achieved its business goals, a business can achieve its desired goals with ease by using the various aspects of email marketing combined together organically.

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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    Good post. Would like to receive a video mail from Volvo.

  2. I am intrigued by the technology that was used fur embedding videos in an emailer. Was it a link or an actual video player that was embedded in the mail?


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